Yasmine Abdel Aziz

On Thursday, February 14; Egyptian actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz posted a series of stories on Instagram that some have taken as a major shade towards her ex-husband and his new wife.

The stories consisted of videos of huge red roses sent to Abdel Aziz on Valentine’s day, as well as was a card with the words “I love you Yasso” written on it.

That’s not just it, Abdel Aziz has also thrown some shade on each video; that a lot are thinking is directed at her ex-husband businessman Mohamed Halawa.

Abdel Aziz has written the words “Mmm, and?”, “Look what your husband is doing Mr. Ismaeil” (A funny line taken from the movie “Ekhwato El Banat”) and “Still no”.

Abdel Aziz has also added a screenshot of a famous Um Kulthum line supposedly directed at Halawa.

However, the storyline thickens when shortly after Abdel Aziz’s mysterious messages; Egyptian actress Reham Hagag posted -in her turn- a story on Instagram that featured Abdel Aziz’s ex-husband and Hagag’s current husband, Halawa.

For a bit of a recap:

A few months back, both Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Mohamed Halawa got a divorce after 10 years. It was rumored that he had an affair with Reham Hagag throughout the marriage.

Not long after the divorce, Halawa, and Hagag announced that they tied the knot. Ever since then, people were talking about how Hagag stole him away for money and all this good stuff.


In Hagag’s story, Halawa said, “Not everyone who sends you flowers is me, I only buy flowers for my wife.” With a smirk on his face as Hagag nodded her head and looked at him with a smile.

However, the feud certainly did not stop there. Because it was a matter of a few hours when Abdel Aziz – yet again – replied back with another shade telling Halawa not to lie.

She also jokingly asked him if his new wife got mad.

Without a doubt, because of this ex-wife – new wife drama, Yasmine Abd El Aziz was the number 3 trend on Twitter this morning. Weird, right?

Furthermore, some people were siding with Abdel Aziz and others; were actually voicing how awful and unnecessary this whole thing is from both sides.

To be honest, we’re definitely with the latter opinion! This whole thing is childish, brutal and unnecessary! And if anything, it’s making them BOTH look horrible in front of the public. And well, even in front of themselves if that matters at all. Which seems that it doesn’t.

As for Halawa, if it wasn’t obvious enough; he’s actually benefitting from all of this. They’re making him look like the heartbreaker who has two famous women fighting over him online, in front of everyone!

Where is the sense in all of this? Such a low move from ALL the parties involved, if we’re being real here.

For starters, Abdel Aziz should have NOT posted something like this online even if he was the one who sent the roses. Because it’s just really evident that she’s trying to break them up. Whether she’s telling the truth or not.

However, after all the drama that went down before, we could say that maybe this is Abdel Aziz’s way for healing. Who knows? Also, if we lay all cards on the table, maybe Halawa did send the roses and is lying in fears of his ‘new’ wife finding out, right?

Even so, him participating in that video in addition to how Hagag held the phone waiting for him to say the words is just so crappy, stupid and again, low.

He’s making a fool out of both of them and they’re helping him if that isn’t already evident.

On another note, we have a theory that this whole thing could be a straight up publicity stunt and to be honest, at this point we really hope it is! Because it’s simply ridiculous and extremely unrealistic if it’s true. Also, why else would anybody do that for real? And this goes for all the parties involved!

Especially that both actresses have seperat projects in the works! Abdel Aziz with her upcoming “El Maleka” series and Hagag with “Karmen” which is currently airing!

With that being said, if the propaganda turns out to be true then it’s still SO bad! Because when will women stop putting other women down for worthless men? When will they just stop making themselves look horrible in front of the public, their kids, families and even themselves – years from now at least-?