Want to buy groceries and check off your weekly shopping list without having to go on the tedious trip to the local markets? Well, seems like this is finally possible! 

For the first time in Egypt, a new mobile application for groceries has been launched. Mashanna is an app specially created for those who are sick and tired of the big/popular supermarkets’ crazy prices.

Buying fruits and vegetables is finally going to be easy, affordable; and will no longer require getting out of the house. Mashanna also promises the great quality of the products, and the best thing about it is that you will also be helping the ‘souq’ sellers and their families with your contribution.


This app makes sure the products’ packaging is environmentally friendly, meaning that there’s almost no plastic used; which is GREAT!

Isn’t this amazing news everyone? Our lives are about to get thousand times easier and better!

Mashanna Store