Okay, brides, it is almost wedding season also known as, panic season! But thankfully, we have got a magic solution that will help you not spiral out of control. It is Hilton Cairo Zamalek, the wedding venue of your dreams – or what we like to call “the wedding genie”!

While a wedding is supposed to be the happiest day in a couple’s life, and it is, planning it can be one of the most daunting things they ever have to do. Because let’s face it, it is the day you start your life together, so a LOT is riding on it. Therefore, every detail has to be planned to perfection.

Hence, the panic.

But what if there something, or someone that can give you your dream wedding without all the planning? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Well, not anymore! Hilton Cairo Zamalek comes to the rescue…


Because Hilton Cairo Zamalek understands and know how much effort, time, resources, creativity, and dedication goes into planning the perfect wedding, they have created the perfect venue and a dream team to help bring your dream wedding to reality.

Cozy or Flashy?

An essential decision that takes A LOT of time is where to throw your wedding. Indoors or outdoors, big and flashy or small and cozy?

This choice can make or break your entire wedding. Which is why Hilton Cairo Zamalek offers ALL options. Their venues are basically tailor-made to suit each preference and meet every fantasy.

If you have always dreamed of an intimate cozy wedding ceremony, their indoor ballroom -which takes up to 70 guests- will give you just that. With its panoramic view of the Nile, your small ceremony will feel as elegant and grand as it gets.

However, if you like to go big and have always seen yourself starting your married life with a flashy bang, then an outdoor ceremony With the heavenly view at the pool deck overlooking the Nile and blanket of stars above by the Hilton’s poolside is the wedding for you!

And since it accommodates up to 180 guests, you’ll be able to make sure that all your loved ones are there to witness the enchanting beginning of your happily ever after.

What’s for dinner though?

Speaking of your loved ones, you want to make sure you have got them covered unless you want their happiness for you to be wavered by starvation.

Enter the Hilton’s highly conclusive wedding packages.

Not only does their menu -which starts at EGP 415.00 per person including service charge and taxes- contain a feast of special dishes, they also offer a custom to make a menu for each bride.

So if you have in mind something different than what they offer, their Executive Chef will sit with you and coordinate/create a whole new menu from scratch just for your wedding.

The outcome?

We all know that you can plan and plan but the execution comes out completely different. They also know that at Hilton Cairo Zamalek, which is why they have created a whole team to keep an eyes on every aspect of your magical night and make sure nothing goes wrong.

With their world-class services and hospitality, they create the perfect aura for you to tie the knot and start your life right with the love of your life…

So no more panic?

Not unless you hurry up and call this number: 01001604031, to make a reservation and book the wedding of your dreams.

We’re sure you’ll find something else to worry about, but as for the wedding, you will be covered with Hilton Cairo Zamalek!

For Reservations please call 01001604031