Whoever said forgetting is a bless probably had a really strong memory that he didn’t have to go through this misery of forgetting every SINGLE thing. You walk through life trying to remind yourself of literally everything because you know how poor your memory is. Remembering your name, family members’ names and the way they look becomes a meter of success to you. Because today you succeeded in beating the Dory version of you!

To make you sympathize with our likes, we are bringing you some of our miserable reality on the table.

#1: Not Remembering Where You Parked

Many of us poor souls wake up every morning searching for our cars because we have no clue where we parked them the night before. What is even more embarrassing is when you park your car in one of the biggest malls’ parking lots and you lose it. You can keep looking for minutes and even hours for your car waiting for God to enlighten you and refresh your memory.

#2: Talking Over the Phone While Searching for It

You are talking to your friend for a couple of minutes now, and you want to check your Whatsapp texts. You basically run around the house searching for your phone, till it hits you in the face, stomach, and a**. You are USING it NOW!

#3: Going to a Room and Then Forgetting What You Were Looking For

You go to your bedroom looking for this ‘thing’, then your mind goes blank. What were you looking for? Still blank. I think it is momentary Alzheimers.

#4: Forgetting to Take your Home Keys With You

After a really tiring day, you go back home and look for your keys in either your pocket or your bag and you find nothing. How many times does this happen to you in a week? If it rarely happens, then thank God you have a reliable memory. Because it really sucks when you just sit on the stairs waiting for ‘El Farag’.

#5: Pay Your Bills Twice

Paying your internet or phone bills more than once becomes a habit; one good thing is that you get to have extra credit and a couple of prepaid months.

#6: Forgetting Names

‘How are you cutie/gamila/bro?’ is a nice way to avoid saying the name of the person; you mastered this part! Remembering names is just a luxury to you because you barely remember that you even  know these people.

#7: You Never Know the Amount of Money You Have

You look at your wallet and find nothing but thin air. You don’t remember what you spent your money on or where your money is. You face all those embarrassing moments alone when you have to pay the bill and find zero money in your wallet. Credit cards are your best friends.

#8: Passwords are Hell to You

It is either you have one password for every account you have, which eventually makes it easy for hackers to hack you smarty pants, or you make a million and forget all of them. You weren’t born for technology my dear.

#9: Numbers are Jibberish to You

Of course, you know how to count, add and subtract. But remembering dates, anniversaries, birthdays or deadlines is very challenging to you.

#10: Looking For Your Eyeglasses While Wearing Them

You are totally lost, trying to find your glasses and you can’t find them anywhere in the house/office. So you start looking under your bed/desk and then look at the mirror and voila, you are wearing them. Yes, you did totally lose it honey!

Go easy on people who have a memory problem, because sometimes it really gets out of their hand.