You just got accepted for a new job and you’re freshly walking into the office like the new kid on the block you truly are, but in an adult sort of way. As is the case with newcomers everywhere, office newbies can almost be spotted from a distance. So for all you fresh-grads and people starting new jobs, you know you’re a dead-obvious newbie at the office when…


You Get Asked the 5 W’s by the Security Guard Everyday for At Least a Couple of Weeks: 


Your newbie mornings start off with the security guards asking you who you are, what you’re doing here, how long you’re staying and so on and so forth. You almost feel driven to swear on your life that you’re a new employee and not some kind of random person trying to sneak their way into the premises.

You Awkwardly Wonder If You Should Greet Everyone or Just Stay Silent:


You know damn well that it’s only common courtesy to say good morning to your new colleagues, but somehow this total awkward side of you makes an appearance and a voice in your head tells you to keep to yourself. It’s like an instant-long battle of pure awkward confusion.

You Fidget With All the Office Gadgets Like They Were Designed By Martians:


You’re reduced to a confused mess during the first couple of weeks when it comes to using any equipment at the office, be it the unit’s printer, scanner or coffee machine. They still need to grow on your newbie soul.

“Morning, Sir- Errr Ayman, I mean Mr. Ayman..” “Hey Sarah, uhh Madame Sarah? Ms. Sarah? Oh just Sarah? Okay”:


Yeah, you totally still don’t have people’s titles down. Is everyone on first name basis here or are there formalities? Ugh, this is so confusing.

“Hey, can you design the new SBE report?” “Errr what does SBE stand for..?” *dies from embarrassment*:


You’re still not familiar with the office lingo and you have to ask what everything means.. like a total newbie.

To Leave or Not to Leave?


So you do understand that this is a 9-to-5 job, but hey it’s like 4:30 pm now and no one seems close to planning to pack up and leave soon. Should you stay overtime? Is this the norm around here or should you sharply stick to the official working hours? Someone needs to give you a manual or something!

Yup, being the new employee is kind of tough, but no worries, you’ll get used to the place and the people if you give yourself a bit of time! Just balance friendliness and professionalism; display an inviting attitude and you’ll no longer feel out of place!