People tendto think that ‘bikini season’ is either targeting the figure of super models or girls suffering with their figure. Well we decided to writeyou this article to correct this misconception. Bikini season is EVERYONE’S season.


Super models that are sometimes referred to as ‘Goddesses’ do one of two things:


1- Follow a healthy diet and train like mad.

This diet as we told you before is simple to follow you just need to be determined to stick to it. We’ll get into it later, just bearwith us.


2- Starve themselves.

The starving method works perfectly for a shoot because Photoshop will cover the wrinkled skin and black bags under their eyes. Oh and also, they eventually turn bulimic or anorexic, which we all know,leads them to look like a corpse from the “Return of the Zombies”.


We’re totally against the whole idea of starve to look good and feel like crap method so we’re going to provideyou with all the information you need to know about a healthy toning diet.


What to do when you wake up?



1- Eat an apple before breakfast or coffee, why? Because this apple will wake up your metabolism like an alarm clock and will jumpstartyour body into burning fat.


2- Eat a healthy breakfast, like what? You could have a white cheese sandwich, a black beans sandwich or a bowl of whole grain corn flakes/oat meal. You need to start your day with a good source of energy for your body to get going.


3- Prepare meals/snacks if you work/study at a place where you can’t find a nice healthy meal when you need one, examples? Tuna sandwich/salad, nuts as snacks (unsalted), fruit salad or roast beef sandwich. We’re expecting you to eat a small meal or a snack every 3-4 hours;you will probably need to prepare a meal and a snack to go.


How do I prep myself for bikini season at work/University?