Egypt is a country known for its sports Excellency. This may sound strange after our unfortunate loss in AFCON, but it’s an undisputed fact. It becomes even more apparent when we hear about athletes who shined and made us proud across borders and international waters, and this is where Inertia jumped in to lend a helping hand.

Recently, three such athletes have made big waves: Ramadan Darwish, Hassan Hassan, and Layla Shoukry in Judo, Romanian Wrestling, and tennis, respectively.

Our athletes couldn’t have done it without help, though. And we’re not just talking about physical help, though it’s an obvious necessity. Psychological and technical support are also major parts of these athletes’ journeys, as is Inertia, who supports them through every part.

A leading Egyptian real estate company, Inertia has always supported the mentioned champions by offering them the means to access all the necessary tools, as well as technical and psychological support.

Before diving in, here’s some background about our athletes.

Ramadan Darwish

Ranked sixth worldwide and fourth in Olympic Judo, Ramadan Darwish is cementing his name as one of the greats of the game.

This July, Darwish added another achievement under his belt. The Montreal Grand-Prix 2019 championship.

With outstanding performance and determination, Darwish defeated Canadian opponent Shadi Al-Nahas and won the 100 KG gold medal.

This important victory led to his qualification to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

This is not Ramadan Darwish’s only significant achievement. In 2018, he also won the bronze medal in less-than-100 KG Judo World Championships in China. That same year in November, Darwish won another bronze in the Uzbekistan Grand-Prix.

Darwish can also brag about smashing the international Judo record to smithereens by being named a champion of the Mediterranean tournament, three rounds in a row.

The Judo champion has also won the African Judo Championship six times and placed seventh in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Hassan Hassan

In the same vein of athletic excellency of his peer, Hassan Hassan has been named African champion of Romanian Wrestling by winning gold in the class of 72 KG at the tournament last April in Tunisia.

Hassan is also the proud owner of a silver medal at the Slovakia 2018 World Youth Championship. He maintained his performance and position, which soon paid off.

Hassan Hassan has claimed first place in Africa eight times, fifth in the World Championship for adults, and second place in the World Youth Championship.

Layla Shoukry

Last but definitely not least is Layla Shoukry, a modern heroine for all female athletes to aspire to be like. Shoukry has surpassed all bounds and limits and won first place in the African Tennis Championship in Algeria just last June.


She also had a significant role in helping the national team win, through sheer effort and willpower. This is not her first championship either. Shoukry has also won several individuals and group tennis tournaments.

She was named first in Egypt and Africa in 2018 and second in 2019 championships. Shoukry had always been lauded for unprecedented performance in many local and international tournaments recently.

She is still working hard to represent Egypt in the Roland Garros 2021 and 2022 Youth Olympics. Other than winning the African championship, Shoukry’s achievements include a World Cup qualification.

Inertia’s Role In Sports

It’s no secret that athletes have many needs to be catered to, from physical health to technicalities to psychological support.

In Egypt, when an athlete wants to find such help, this is where Inertia comes in.


Inertia puts the athletes on their way by providing the means necessary so they can find a team of professional trainers, who possess enough knowledge and experience to raise the athletes’ performance for the upcoming 2020 and 2022 Olympic Games.

This also indicates that the role of the private sector and the community in supporting individual sports is of out-most importance, especially to improve Egypt’s position in the worldwide sports medium.

What Inertia Also Offers

As it was previously mentioned, Inertia is a real estate company that develops dynamic projects across Egypt.

Founded in 2007, Inertia gave us many developments.

Examples include cutting-edge medical centers, like Medipoint Sheikh Zayed and Medipoint Mena Plaza.

They also include residential properties, like West Hills, Gouna-based G Cribs, Soleya, Brix, Joulz, Sahl Hasheehs’s Veranda, and North Coast’s Jefaira.

Through every project, Inertia makes sure to bring forth immaculate designs, scenic views, and a warm, safe community.

Inertia’s philosophy doesn’t only apply to developments, however.

The real estate company makes sure to put as much effort with their athletes as they do with their developments.

Through their help, Inertia provided Darwish, Hassan, and Shoukry with a stable environment through which they can excel.

Through everyone’s, Egyptian athletes will prosper!