Amr Saad

In our current times, many young Egyptian men and women have been grabbing so much attention due to their huge talents and rising potentials in different fields. Amr Saad is definitely one of those! Saad is an Egyptian jewelry and eyewear designer. He’s the founder of the self expression jewellery and handcrafted eyewear Egyptian brand named after himself.

Launched in 2015, Saad’s brand is known for its special pieces that are, according to the brand’s website, inspired by unique human stories. Each piece is like a diary full of details on its own. And the best part is that the young talented designer hand-creates his pieces in the best quality using fine craftsmanship and precious metals of silver and gold.

The fact that Saad lives in Egypt and has graduated from Le Arti Orafe Jewelry School in Italy helped him combine both his competencies as well as develop skills in order to produce his conceptual and universal designs.

Saad’s brand and designs are getting bigger and bigger as more people, including celebrities like Tara Emad, May El-Ghety, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Mohanad Kojak and even Ahmed Helmy, are wearing the brand.

Right now, if you visit Amr Saad’s website, you’ll be able to easily check out and shop his four unique eyewear collections. From the ‘590 Family’ collection that features some gorgeous pairs of iconic and classic eyewear, to ‘QalaQ’, the handcrafted anxiety art collection designed with the purpose of channeling anxiety into art.

As well as the futuristic ‘A-Liners 2020’ collection with the geometrical shapes and the ‘Urban Infused’ collection that is all about the timeless fashion vibes, inspired by the classic 1959’s wayfarer and 1960’s circa shapes.