Only if you’re a very fortunate gal, you will win the lottery of life by having a mother in law who actually likes you, but not everyone is born under a lucky star.


It’s no secret that daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law have tricky relationships; both of them are after one man’s heart after all. Only if you’re wet behind the ear, you will take it as a competition over the Iron Throne, and compete with your mother-in-law over your man. And by this, let me tell you, you’ve just shot yourself in the foot.

The strain a mother-in-law can put on a relationship is no laughing matter, but one that needs a guide to reach it safe shores. If your mother-in-law is a nightmare, you might find these tips helpful:

1) “Funny, I don’t recall asking for your opinion.”

I dont recall asking your opinion

Now, you have done it! Honey, we all know how frustrating it can be to have someone constantly imposing their opinion on your life, but where’s your head? Now, the fat is in the fire. It’s licensed to be sneaky in such situations, use a “Thank you but we have decided to…” that’s much a better way to limit her involvement in her life.


2) An open door policy is down to backfire

Mother-in-law coming

Between your husband, your family and the load of other things going on in your life, you need to schedule quality time to spend with your mother-in-law; that’s a mandatory not optional. Beware; you have to let her know how busy you are. Set times that work for both of you.


3) “And why didn’t you teach your son to…”

Monster in law

Oops, you’ve just raised hell. She knows very well what she had taught her son, and according to her, he’s royalty when it comes to the way he was raised. So in case you want to end up with a broken bone, keep this phrase for yourself or get ready for a boxing match.


4) Leave the wheel to your mama

Your mother is also a mother-in-law. Who better can stand up for you and get under you mother in law’s skin than your own mother?


Go get her Mom!

5) “I want to live with you”

A big “NO” for that! If it wasn’t for medical reasons or being a helpless elderly person, your mother in law should never live under the same roof with you permanently, especially if you both don’t get along. Even if you like her, you should still have an independent life, but always be welcoming when it comes to her visiting, even if you’re not particularly thrilled about it.



6) Don’t pick fight but stand up for yourself

Avoid being the one who picks fights, even at the most vexing of situations. However, always stand up for yourself and never take bullshit from anyone.


That’s not particularly what I meant by stand up for yourself.