Egypt is famous for its cultural heritage. People from all over the world visit to try the things that only exist in Egypt. One of those things is, of course, our authentic local coffee shops or ‘Ahway’.

In the past, it was sort of frowned-upon for Egyptian girls to hang out in ahawy. For some odd reason, it has always been considered a ‘guys’ hangout’.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

People come from everywhere to smoke shisha and enjoy a delicious cup of ‘koshary’ tea in our local coffee shops. So it is only logical for them to be open to all Egyptians alike, right? However, this was not always the case.

Over the years, of course, some progress has been made and women started challenging this stereotype. However, to this day, some ‘ahawy’ are still not as female-friendly as we hope they would be.

Which is why we have pulled from all of our ‘ahawy’ experience and compiled for you a list of the most female-friendly ahawy around Cairo; ENJOY!

1. El Karasy El Beda, Garden City

This is one of the most female-friendly local coffee shops in Cairo. It is so female-friendly that more often than not you will find more girls there than guys.

El-Karasy El-Beda is the perfect haven for broke young people like ourselves who have no money for cafes and are desperate to hang out with their friends in a place they feel comfortable in.

Location: Qasr El-Qasr El-Aini St., Cairo.

2. Aswan, El-Korba

This one doesn’t need an introduction. If you have ever been to Masr El-Gdeida, then odds are you hung out at least once in Aswan.

This local coffee shop is so popular among both men and women of all ages. So popular that it becomes an almost impossible task to find a seat sometimes. But once you do sit down, you’ll know it’s worth the trouble.*Shisha smokers will relate*

Location: 2 Ibrahim, El-Montaza St., Heliopolis, Cairo.

3. Amr El-Zaman, Maadi

Just because you are in Maadi, doesn’t mean you have to spend half your salary on a cup of coffee and a smoke of shisha. You can just go to Amr El-Zaman.

Amr El-Zaman is a cozy little local coffee shop yet it made a huge name for itself in Maadi.

So huge that Hani Adel shot a music video there!

Where else can you say you have seen an astronaut and a dummy lion bonding over a cup of tea? NOWHERE!

Location: 30 Road 9 Maadi, Cairo.

4. Sa3a Le 2lbk, Nasr City

Don’t worry, Nasr City warriors, we didn’t forget about you! If you, like me, have had enough with mall outings and want to enjoy some fresh air, then Sa3a Le 2albk is the best place for you.

It is the perfect mix between a cafe and a local coffee shop (ahwa). They have a variety of drinks and shisha flavors, indoor and outdoor seating areas and as you can see in the pictures, great authentic decor!

Location: 55 Abbas El-Akkad St., Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo.

5. El-7arafesh, Feisal

History in an ‘ahwa’. El-7arafesh has always been famous for being the ultimate artists’ hub. And to this day, people, both men, and women go there to enjoy the authentic ‘oud’ music, poetry recitals, and heated cultural debates.

Not to mention the cozy vintage atmosphere you feel once you pass through its tree-filled entrance. This is one of the most culturally rich places you can visit, but probably the only one you can smoke at.

Location: 446 King Faisal St., Al Omraneyah Al Gharbeyah, Al Omraneyah, Giza.

6. El-7ara, El-Zamalek

El-Zamalek is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Cairo, why on earth would you go there to hang out in an indoor area?

Ahwet El-7ara is a favorite hangout for a lot of young people from both genders. It is in a great location where you can enjoy the fresh air but still feel a little secluded away from passers-by in the street. And we know how important that is, right, girls?

Location: 32 Shagret El-dor St., Zamalek, Cairo.

7. EL-Tak3eba, Downtown

Downtown lovers like myself know this one by heart. El-tak3eba, though as simple and basic as it looks, holds a greater and deeper meaning in the hearts of many.

People (girls and boys) who feel out of place anywhere else, seem to feel right at home there. It is not really considered an ‘ahwa’ anymore; regular goers consider it their cultural hub, only with shisha and a killer cup of tea.

Location: Al Nabrawi St., Marouf, Qasr an Nile, Cairo.

There you go! Now, you are ready to take your gal-pals and go spend a cozy low-key afternoon or watch a football match at one of Cairo’s finest local coffee shops.

Just don’t forget to share with us in the comments your favorite ahwa, maybe you know somewhere we don’t.