Meemar Morshedy

Quick show of hands, we all love summertime, don’t we? You know, that fun downtime when we get to loosen our ties and get to let loose ourselves. All these times when we get to simply lay back and enjoy the sand and the sea with our families and friends. It’s too bad we love it so much because, well, this year’s summer is kind of cancelled.

But, wait, does this summer being cancelled mean that we possibly can’t start planning for next year’s summer now?

We’ll answer the rhetorical question. No, it doesn’t. We’ve all been starving for fun for such a long time, we already know our plan includes stocking up on all the fun and adventures and waves we can get our hands on!

Sure, now that we’re thinking about the excruciating hassles that come with trying to rent a Sahel property for the summer, here’s our new saving grace, a place where you can proudly and happily own your private piece of paradise—Me’mar El-Morshedy’s Zahra!

We know, we know. You’re not sure why Zahra is going to be the place to be and you’re wondering why we’d even say that, but that’s only because you don’t get it yet.

See, if you miss the nostalgic Sahel days when every day was a new adventure full of surprises to uncover, you’ll understand why Zahra, whose design is directly aided by famed architects like Mohamed Hadid, Raef Fahmy, and VDP, is every summer’s luxurious It Spot.

We’ll get to have those fun days again but it’s not only that—we’ll get to experience the lush waves and sun as the place itself and its unsurpassable amenities come to life and grow into their own right before our very eyes. The amenities include, but aren’t limited to:

Commercial strip

A place to satisfy all the shopping needs you’ll ever have.

Water features

The azure-blue waters at Zahra aren’t just limited to its soothing beaches, you can also find them in the lakes and other water-based features found all over the town.


International hotel chains are also another coveted aspect town residents can be expected to find in Zahra.

Sports club

If you’re thinking about all the fun games, you don’t have to fret because Zahra is also equipped with a decked out sports club, where you can keep fit all while keeping the fun too.

Central park

Aside from the inviting waters and the quintessential facilities, you’ll also have all your picnicking needs fulfilled by the town’s very own central park.

And if this isn’t proof that you can have it all at Zahra, just try to picture it.

A bright, sunny new day starts in Zahra and you and yours get to wake up and hit the beach right from the comfort your picturesque greenery-surrounded, waterfront home.

You get to enjoy the clear, calming waters Zahra has and shares with Hacienda Bay and Bo Island, the two other sides of the golden North Coast triangle it’s sandwiched in between.

Of course, other than the action-packed downtime you’ll get to fully immerse yourself in, you have one solely perfect perk and that is escaping the hassles that come with the old Sahel routine. You get to seize your moment and you will enjoy it so much, you’ll only have one regret afterwards—and that is not discovering Zahra sooner.

Your perfect second home is already waiting for you with open arms!