Remember when we spent hours upon hours waiting for someone to pick us up from Sahel to Cairo? Or being clustered with your friends, friends of friends, their families, and even their pets cause that’s your only ride to Sahel?

We honestly started dreading Sahel trips because of the rides to and from there. What’s even worse is being stuck in your room because you have no ride outside the resort you’re in!

But what if we tell you there’s a game-changer that will make all our lives easier? Yes, life is now easier in Sahel because Careem is, quite literally, everywhere in Sahel!

Careem is not only operating inside Sahel itself but you can also travel from either Cairo or Alex to Sahel, or vice-versa. 

You won’t be getting any car though, Careem is picking their most comfortable SUV options so you can stay comfy during your trip. So even if you share a ride, you won’t have to sit on your friend’s lap to fit.

Price ain’t too bad either. The Cairo-Sahel road will cost around 1,350 EGP to 1,450 EGP, up until Alamza Bay, with the option of going alone or sharing with up to a group of 4. And if you share with a group of 4, it will cost only around 350 EGP each!

As for the road from Alexandria to Sahel, it ranges from 340 EGP to 650 EGP. So technically, now having lunch in Alexandria when you’re in Sahel will still be cheaper than any restaurant in Sahel!

Now you might be wondering about your in-Sahel transportation? Easy; you will find the regular GO cars when you arrive in Sahel to take you anywhere you want to go!

You think we’re done? Nope! Careem is also providing many promocodes!!

There’s a promocode for each city: “YALLASA7EL” for Cairo that gives a discount up-to 150 EGP “YALLA3ALSA7EL” for Alex that gives a discount up-to 100 EGP.

For the regular Go Cars, you can use promocode “SAHEL50” that gives 50% discount up-to 50 EGP.

In conclusion, our Sahel trips are saved! With comfortable and flexible car rides option, convenient prices and promo codes; what more could we ask for?