It’s that warm time again of the year, SUMMER. But this summer is definitely different from any other summer; being sponsored by the Covid-19 pandemic of course.

Nonetheless, the lockdown is starting to lift, people are gradually going back to their normal life and the summer activities are beginning to resume.

Now, you’re probably wondering if you can get on with the usual outdoorsy activities at your summer home, like let’s say a BBQ. Well, you definitely can, but here’s some few tips for a safer- one!

Play it safe

An outdoor gathering is so much safer than an indoor one, both safe wise and BBQ wise. An outdoor seating area will guarantee you the sun all over every surface, and that alone will lower the chances of any infection.

It’ll give you all much more space for social distancing and there’s basically nothing better than the summer’s fresh air to give you a mood change. But still, make sure you sanitize each surface you’ll be using, set up your seating area with every chair 6 feet apart and offer your guests hand-sanitizers, medical alcohol and face masks!

Keept it small

As tempting as the idea of hosting a BBQ party with 30 or 40 people, this is definitely a bad idea, for the time being. Even with constantly sanitizing and with having face masks on, the larger the number of people at one place the bigger the infection rate.

You need to put the safety of yourself, your family and your guests over leisure. You can still have the same fun with just your family members and maybe two or three of your friends. And with great food and some hip music, who needs a full house party, really?

Food Safety Tips

When it comes to food, things could easily get really messy. For both safety measures and cleaning concerns (we know the struggle) so, we have a few suggestions. How about using all disposable dishes, cups and spoons? They’re safer that’s one. And, they’ll save you a great deal of the dish-washing time.

since you can never be too safe you know, have trash cans near each guest and at every corner and try to include some healthier snacks and drinks would also be a great idea, right? We mean, aside from the juicy grilled meat, of course!