Running is one of the tricks that people use not only to stay in shape, but also to relieve their stress and escape from reality for a while. However, many people feel reluctant and de-motivated to even start taking those tiny first steps of living a healthy life because of the immense feelings of boredom associated with the treadmill.

In order to maintain running as part of your daily routine, you need to have a strong connection with your running environment and select a specific running route that would keep you committed and motivated.

We decided to give you the push you needed and make your life a bit easier by providing you with the different routes that would make you fall in love with running while discovering Cairo’s hidden beauty.

The Amazing Streets of Zamalek

Zamalek is known to be one of the safest and cleanest areas in Cairo, where many of Egypt’s upper class and expats reside. Wake up in the early morning and enjoy an early jog along Abu el Feda Street before the traffic and noise hit. You will get the chance to run by the Nile and enjoy its magnificent view while feeling the fresh morning breeze across your face, leaving you energized for the whole day. A good route would be to start from Sequoia restaurant all the way to El Ahly club and then all the way back; it is almost a 6Km run.

Running Track Surrounding Gezira Club – Zamalek

This track is located in Zamalek, separating El Gezira Club and Markaz Shabab El Gezira. What makes this track so special is the fact that you can go jogging in the company of your dogs, and that’s what makes it a great social spot for dog owners. The track is almost 2kms, which is a good range for different fitness levels.

Right after jogging you can grab a bite and enjoy the sun at the club. One downside is that you need to be a member in either clubs; otherwise you won’t be permitted to enter.

Degla EL Maadi

One of the amazing things about Maadi is the greenery; it’s like trees grow on trees there. Wake up early in the morning to enjoy the sunlight and the breeze, while walking through the different parks of Degla El Maadi. This area is identified as the one of the most affluent places to reside in Maadi, so the safety and the cleanliness of the streets are a given.

You’ll find a whole community of sports enthusiasts and dog lovers, either walking their dogs or even having their own planned spinning classes, which is really encouraging. You don’t need to stick to a certain route, as you can walk through different streets all around the Cairo American College (CAC) and stop whenever you feel like it.

All Around Arkan – 6th of October

For the 6th of October residents, don’t worry we got your back. Running all around Arkan early in the morning is how you should start your day. You’ll be able to run 5.5kms while enjoying the weather; grab a drink or treat yourself from any restaurant or café right after. You could also be part of October Runners, and enjoy participating in a marathon for a change.

Child Park – Nasr City

Most people would tell you that it is almost impossible to find a decent place for running in Nasr City, but this place has been known to be a great running spot for decades. Hadiqet el Tefl is located on Makram Ebeid Street, which is one of the most decent places in Nasr City. You would find people of different age groups running and jogging all around the park early in the morning; which makes it even easier to have a jogging buddy. You are in full control of the number of kms you run as it all depends on the number of laps you complete.


Living in a compound gives you full access to mesmerizing scenery of parks and lakes. In addition, your safety is taken care of, thanks to the security men working around the clock to keep you safe. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the few Egyptians residing in a compound, then you don’t even need to step outside the gates. Call your neighbour and arrange for a timing that suits you both. Go run by the lake, park or even across the streets and make the most out of it.
We really encourage you to pick a running route that is close to your home, so that you wouldn’t give yourself a good enough reason to be lazy. Finally, if you are one of the avid joggers and want to be part of a running marathon, we urge you to check The Tri Factory’s training program and register in their yearly competition at Sahl Hashish.