Summer is that time of the year where you relax and let all your worries go! You can even ditch makeup for the summer in order to give your skin a rest and keep it more natural.

And because we know how women worry too much about what’s going on with their skin; we are here to help you with those tips and tricks:


Wash your Face, and wash it again!

Sometimes, we forget how crucial this is. Washing your face isn’t just a daily ritual that you do out of habit, it actually helps your face stay clean and clear, literally. Which is why this Clean and Clear Daily Facial Cleansing Bar Soap is the ultimate solution; just keep washing!

But first, Water!

Another one of those things we, unfortunately, forget about from time to time. Other than preventing acne, water just gives your skin a radiant glow a million products simply can’t! Eight glasses a day is a necessity if you want to keep that face shining!

How about some Green Tea?

Green tea is a natural antioxidant that basically does wonders! For the skin, not only does it nourish and give it a subtle glow, but it also contains Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E which keep the face rejuvenated and acne-free!

Now is the time to Cleanse!

Cleansing the face is similar to washing it. However, cleansing works on the deeper layers of the skin. This Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, for instance, is ideal because it’s anti-drying, anti-blemishes and is very gentle on the skin, yet still breaks through it to deep cleanse it.

Scrub, scrub, and Exfoliate…

Scrubbing and exfoliating are essential for removing dead skin and keeping the face outstandingly clean and young. Which is why this Garnier SkinActive+ Clean Invigorating Daily Scrub will do the job just right. It will refine your pores and energize your skin with its peppermint and jojoba beads infused formula!

All about Essentials: Sunscreen!

Summer means Sunscreen, by default! Because there’s nothing more important than protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays; from UVA to UVB. Therefore; La Roche-Posay Anthelios Melt-In Sunscreen Mil Broad Spectrum SPF 60 is your go to!

Tone and Moisturize your Blemishes away!

The first thing that comes to our heads when we hear the word “Toner” is the Body Shop’s Tea Tree line! If you want your skin to look so visibly clear, with almost zero pores, then the Tea Tree Skin Mattifying Toner is the one for you! It’ll also remove any remaining makeup on your face.

And in order to lock all of those healthy procedures in; the Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream will go just right with everything, refresh and re-plump your face, perfectly!