Third-wheeling is an art that only few people master. If you think that any couple feels complete on their own without having their perfect third-wheel, then you are just fooling yourself. A third-wheel is as important as both partners -if not more- because without him/her there wouldn’t be a successful happy dramaless relationship.

For all the couples out there, if you don’t have one then you are missing out on the world and if you do, then make sure they are as perfect as they can be by following this list of traits.

#1: The Peace Maker

You know when both partners become drama queens because of exactly NOTHING? Or when the guy in the relationship doesn’t know how to handle his girl’s sudden anger issues? Yeah, that is when the third-wheel intervenes and makes their world perfect again.

#2: The Surprise/Plan Genie

Whether its on valentine’s, either partner’s birthdays, anniversary, or even a random gesture, the one who is mainly responsible of this is the third-wheel. Your amazing third-wheel will help you arrange the whole day from A to Z and the gift is always taken care of. If you are one of those people who act as if they know it all and resist the third-wheel’s help then be ready to fail the mission my friend.

#3: The Secret Keeper

Once you become the designated third-wheel, you get exposed to either partner’s secrets and sometimes even their friends’ secrets. It is amazing how you get to be an important part of their relationship. Every smart couple knows that their third-wheeler won’t ever give their secrets away!

#4: The Love Cupid

A role of a love cupid is simple, it makes two people fall in love with each other. Well, a third-wheel has the same job description written allover. A third-wheel will get you two closer, he/she will arrange outings/events for you two to get comfier and breaking the ice is his/her specialty!

#5: The Best Advice Giver

Of course, both of you have friends that you can talk to, but who knows your relationship better than your third-wheel? You’ll receive the best advice ever, because he/she spends a lot of time with you two and knows every little bit of your drama and how crazy you both get when you fight.

#6: The Designated Photographer

If you have terrible couple photos, then you don’t have a good enough third-wheel. One of the most important roles of a third-wheel is taking spectacular pictures that makes the girl look thin and the couple look as loving and as amazing as can be, while still maintaining the best background and lighting! Easy peasy!

#7: The ‘Shaimaa’

Who else would you call to talk about how great their eyes look like or how amazing your date went? Its this person who has enough patience to hear all about the goofy lovey-dovey details.

#8: The One Who Knows When to Take a Bathroom Break

It is a no brainer to know that couples need time alone for a while, so your smart perfect third-wheel will give you your privacy right when you need it!