Yesterday, January 21st, veteran actor Youssef Fawzy revealed his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. As sad as the news was to many of his fans, we couldn’t help but admire his strength and willfulness.

In a video interview with El Youm El Sabea. The 74-year-old actor known for significant roles in movies like “El Nemr El Aswad”, “Hata L Yater El Dokhan” and “Zarf Tarek” discussed the details of his recent illness that got him to retire acting, for good.

In the interview, Fawzy indulged in a heartfelt conversation about his diagnosis with Parkinson’s, a moving disorder that affects the body when cells no longer produce Dopamine, that he discovered to have in 2016.

“I laughed as the doctor was telling me I have Parkinson’s”

Fawzy recalls. The actor found the diagnosis rather funny, since he played the role of a man with Parkinson’s 20 years ago, in the hit series “Opera Aida” He found it ironic, that the role he played so masterfully, became his reality.

Shortly after, he decided to pull the curtains on his long acting career. Saying that “It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right one” As he gradually lost control over his entire hand’s movement.

The thing that would make it impossible for him to perform properly in front of the cameras. And made the retirement decision, inevitable. Especially, since he thinks Egypt is not ready to customize roles for people with special conditions!

What caught our attention, was how peaceful and positive Fawzy was about the whole situation. This is a man that had to give up his own true passion and yet, he had not one ounce of bitterness.

On the contrary, he candidly accepted his fate. Admitting he had a long fruitful cinematic and television career that he is content with. And that he has no regrets, whatsoever.

On that note, we would like to praise the actor for his bravery and honesty. For not being shameful about his disease and for spreading such body positivity and tolerance.

While some would argue that there’s nothing to be impressed by here, saying that it’s just an illness. We beg to differ. It is how he is perceiving and handling that illness that matters. It promotes hope. Sometimes the smallest of acts are just as impressive as anything else.

Finally, we would like to wish Youssef Fawzy a speedy recovery and to send our best wishes on whatever comes next in his life.