Zay El Shams

Ramadan is here and so are all the killer performances from all our stars. Especially Dina El-Sherbiny, whose performance stunned everyone on Zay El Shams’ episode 3.

Basically, what happened is that ‘Nour’ – portrayed by El-Sherbiny – found out that her fiance ‘Omar’ – Ahmed El-Saadany -, and sister ‘Farida’ – Reham Abdel Ghafour – are cheating on her.

Not just that, but Farida also confessed to poor little Nour that Omar impregnated her. And it’s worth mentioning that all of that happened just two weeks prior to their wedding.

Other than the fact that this series got everyone talking the most, this specific scene got everyone – especially those who related –shedding all the tears, big time.

And yes, this goes back to how talented Dina El-Sherbiny is and the fact that she’s killing it so far in her hit series.

However we’re not here to talk about performances, this time. We really just want to shed a strong light on what cheating does to a woman, physically and emotionally.

In her breakdown, Nour showed exactly how a woman feels when she gets the infamous horrible cheating news.

From the aching screams to the nonsense, here are the 5 stages a woman goes through after being cheated on; as perfectly-spot-on-portrayed by Dina El-Sherbiny:

1- Denial

As we’ve seen in the series; Nour kept screaming at Farida’s face “No, you’re a liar. He loves me!”. Totally disregarding that this could actually be true.

At this point, she could doubt anything, even her own sister. But not him. Not even a little bit.

And that’s what we tend to do. We keep convincing ourselves that this couldn’t have happened and that everyone is lying to us, even if they’ve seen our partner cheat in front of their own eyes. Even if WE’ve seen it with our own eyes!

2- Love Confessions

When she left her sister and ran to her fiance, she was almost certain that he’s going to tell her “Yes, your sister is a liar and I love you, not her”. But did that happen? Of course not.

She even hugged him and confessed her undying love to him several times as soon as she entered what was supposed to be ‘their’ apartment.

It’s like she was just getting ready to snap back to reality; reminding herself how much she loved him, no matter what.

3- Forgiveness

After his confession and zero efforts to deny the situation; she still couldn’t grasp it and felt so weak that she told him: “It’s okay. I forgive you, it’s fine,” and kept repeating the words over and over again in a mixture of denial, grief, confusion and heartbreak.

It even seemed that she was begging him to deny or even say what he did was wrong. And that he wants to stay with her because it was only a mistake. But, he didn’t.

4- Self Blame

After all the excuses she was trying to make for him ran out, and after he confessed that they’ve tried to stay away but couldn’t stop themselves; she began to blame herself.

She started questioning what she did wrong, apologizing over and over again. Promising she’ll be better. Asking HIM to give HER a second chance to prove she’s worth his love. Not the other way around.

This shows us how much women blame themselves for so many things that are not their fault, just because they think they can’t live without their partner. Trying to fix what’s no longer theirs to fix.

5- Realization

We all saw that on her face. The moment she realized it’s real. She fell silent, stopped crying, took his hands off of her and left. Just like that!

And this is when it hurts the most. No more excuses left, no more tears to cry, beginning to feel sorry for yourself because you once blamed it for other people’s mistakes.

This is when the actual heartache begins to take place. You feel lost, hurt, and have no idea what’s next or what you’re supposed to do, and how you’re supposed to feel…

We already know cheating is a catastrophe. But not many realize what it actually does to a woman; from self doubt, destruction of self esteem and confidence as well as trust. And it’s great to see all of that portrayed in one scene for people to understand!