drama free

Is there such a thing as easy steps to making your relationship drama free? Thankfully, there is! It is possible to have a relationship that is free of drama and not only that but also a happy exciting one too! Magical, right?

Because we don’t want your significant others to lose their minds, we are bringing you some easy tricks to use to make your relationship drama-free.

#1: Stop Trying to Fix One Another

This one many seem to not get. Just accept your partner the way they are, so instead of trying to make him quit smoking, embrace it because you already knew that he is a smoker. And instead of you trying to force her to get veiled or wear certain type of clothing, just respect her and give her some freedom.

#2: Stop Fighting Over Stupid Stuff

Choose your battles carefully, because too many fights would eventually lead to living a hell that you can’t call it life. Don’t fight over how he liked this girl’s picture on Instagram or how she speaks to her guy friends politely. This creates drama that is definitely not needed. Only fight when it is necessary.

#3: Stop Fighting Like Kids

When you fight, try to do it in a mature way. Avoid the ‘El Ehtemam mabyetelebsh‘ kind of attitude, because ‘beyeteleb 3adi‘. Stop expecting him to ask you ‘what is wrong?’ 20 times till you get to respond. And you stop acting like a baby and don’t ignore her calls. You’ll make up faster once you start adulting!

#4: Understand Your Differences

Know that you two are two different people who were raised differently with different circumstances. Hence, you two have different needs, wants and expectations. Once you understand your differences, you’ll help fill in this gap between you two.

#5: Give Each Other Space

That is my favorite! Space is what makes relationships succeed if only both partners understood its true meanings. Giving him space doesn’t mean that you guys ‘are on a break’, Ross and Rachel of Friends style.

No, it means that you two have your separate lives and trying to build a healthy life together as well. You can enjoy your work with no interruptions and he can enjoy his ahwa times with the bros without feeling guilty.

#6: Try to Be Empathetic

Yes, we all have expectations, but they need to be a bit realistic. So don’t expect him to get you this 1,000-pound bracelet if you know that he is still a little kid who takes his allowance from daddy. And don’t expect her to be available 100% of the time because she has a life bro. Give each other excuses!

#7: Communicate Well

Communication is your best tool in any kind of relationships. Because we are not ants with antennas; we actually need words to be spoken out to understand one another. So if you want him to buy you flowers instead of chocolate, then do that. And if you want her to stop calling you every 2 seconds then say it loud and clear.

#8: Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy as they say. Stop the laf we dawaran and be as honest as you can. You’ll probably reach conclusions faster unless she is asking you whether she gained weight or not, because the answer is always no!

#9: Stop Playing Games

Stop the games otherwise you’ll be a magnet for drama. Stop making him feel jealous because believe me, he’ll turn your world upside down with his baby attitude. And you stop ignoring her calls, otherwise, you’ll receive those essay texts that contain drama, curse words and more drama.

#10: Stop Being Needy

Stop waiting for him to call you every 5 minutes and stop wanting her to always be there whenever you need her. Stop acting like babies because you two are grownups who shouldn’t be super dependent on each other.

And more importantly, just try to enjoy each other’s companies. Surprise one another and be there for each other. If you two want to make this relationship drama free, then, believe me, you’ll be there so easily.