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Zay El Shams

Zay El Shams Portrayed EXACTLY What Women Feel about Cheating!

Ramadan is here and so are all the killer performances from all our stars. Especially Dina El-Sherbiny, whose performance stunned everyone on Zay El...

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Here are Both Sides of NBE’s Ramadan Ad Controversy

A few days well into Ramadan after most brands have already started competing in displaying what they prepared for Ramadan commercials, the National Bank of...
Zay El-Shams

Zay El-Shams’s Directors Facebook War Steals the Spotlight from Show itself

If you thought you've seen all the drama the new hit TV series "Zay El-Shams" has to offer on screen, think again! Because the...

Breaking: A Worker in St. Mark Church, Shoots the Church’s Priest 4 Times

On Monday morning (13-5-2019), it has been reported that one of the workers in St. Mark Orthodox Church in Shubra Al Kheimah shot the church's priest 4...

Ramadan For Expats

  Dr. Michael Ryan Assistant Professor of Sociology, AUC Ramadan is a very special time in Egypt and that is no less the case for expats living...