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Identity Reviews: El-7aramy and the Mini-Series Concept

Take a minute to think about Egypt's mini-series history for a second. Yeah, didn't take you long, right? That's mostly because our...
5 Phrases We Need to Delete From Our Culture

خمس جُمل لازم نلغيهم من حياتنا

بص إحنا مش هنضحك عليك، ثقافتنا فيها حاجات كتير لازم تتغير أو تتلغي خالص علشان هي غلط ومنتشرة بشكل يخوف، هتقولنا أيوة...
Why Is It THIS Hard to Make It Online Now

Why Is It THIS Hard to Make It Online Now

Quick, do you remember how different social media was back in the mid-2010's? If you do, you'll notice that it's totally a...

The 5 Best Series For Crime-Drama Lovers!

If you're a mystery-drama lover who gets too excited watching a crime unfold, then we got you covered with just the right...
DIY Masks You Need to Try NOW

7 DIY Masks You Need To Try NOW!

Let's face it. We've all been investing heavily into our skin-care routines this summer, haven't we? We've tried all the lines and...