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Ramadan Actors

Actors Who Left us Extremely Underwhelmed in Ramadan!

Like every year, Ramadan's TV series race was overwhelming and quite strong. However, while there were many shows that stuck with us and many...

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Will Egypt Ban the Use of Single-Use Plastic Bags By 2020?

After several countries started implementing the ban of single-use plastics, this week, Egyptian MP (Member of the Parliament), Anisa Hassouna submitted an official request...
Dina El Sherbiny

Dina El Sherbiny Just Restored Our Faith in Humanity, With a Picture!

Every once in a while something so small yet so grand happens that restores a little bit of our faith in humanity. Thankfully, one...

Reasons Why We’re Anticipating “El-Fil El-Azrak 2” Like No Other Movie!

Eid El-Fitr movies season just ended and we already cannot wait for Eid El-Adha one! But out of all the movies that are yet...

Relationship Trouble? Make Fun of Each Other, It’s a Guaranteed Fix!

As the old yet plausible saying goes “Laughter is the best medicine”. Not just a medicine for a bad mood, or awkward encounters, no,...