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El Gheity Sisters; From Child Stars To Egypt’s Sweethearts!

The entertainment industry is one of the hardest fields to break into. But it is easier when you have an undeniable charisma to back...

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Is Al Ahly Officially Out Of Egypt’s Cup?

On Thursday, February 21st, Al Ahly Al Masry released a statement refusing the recent league schedule amendments made by the Egyptian Football Association (EFA). The EFA...

A 2000-year-old Roman Shipyard Has Just Been Discovered In Sinai!

Recently, our rich history has been proving that it never stops unveiling new details and monuments every day! The last blast from the past Egyptian archaeologists were able to...
Fashion Trends

7 Weird Fashion Trends That Took Creativity to A Whole New Level!

Just when you thought you have seen all the weird fashion trends, you find yourself face to face with something weirder than your weirdest...

How To Handle Emotional Triggers?

By: Yara Tarek How many times was your friend casually throwing a sarcastic comment and you just couldn't laugh like the rest? Instead, you wanted to...

Your Weekend Preparation Kit For The Oscars!

The Oscars are coming next Sunday and all of us movie puffs are getting ready for movies' most exciting night of the year! If you don't...




7 Things Girls Only Do With The Guy They Love

It's so weird how love works. You start to like someone, automatically you begin to hide your true self from them, because hey, everyone...

7 Sure Signs That A Shy Person Is Crushing On You

The game of figuring out if someone likes you or not is already ranking high on the Hard & Complicated Games To Play list!...
Effehat el aflam

12 Movies to Watch to Be the ‘Effehat el Aflam’ Pro

Every group of friends has this one person who knows nothing about effehat el aflam. This person always feels left out every time the group...