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5 Unnecessary Reboots In Egyptian Drama!

With some TV shows, a reboot is simply a must. Not just to answer to the anticipating fans, but to serve and...
Why the 90's Are Egypt's Golden TV Age

Why The 90’s Are Egypt’s Golden Age of TV

Hey, do you know how Egyptian TV shows rarely impress us these days? Don’t try to make excuses. While a few TV shows...
Why Do Egyptian Girls Hate Omars?

Why Do Egyptian Girls Hate Omars?

Some of life's questions have always left us stumped. Why do we dream? Why did Sherif Mounir go that blond in Short...

Identity Reviews: Dark’s Final Chapter ACTUALLY Explains Things

We have a confession. After binge-watching Dark's third and final season, we wanted to look up some fun facts...but this is literally...

Back To the Office: Tips For A Smooth Transition!

Covid-19 is not over; it's clear as day now. Still, here we are finding ourselves in a situation where we have to...