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Stars used GFF’s Red Carpet to Support Their Causes, and We...

El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) wasn't just about gowns and tuxedos this year. Some celebrities took the opportunity to raise awareness for...

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South Africa

Shakira Said It First: This Time for (South) Africa!

South Africa is the perfect location for a holiday in the New Year period. From cage diving with sharks, to wildlife watching...
Arabic Teacher

Why Are We Just Hearing About An Arabic Teacher Sexually Harassing Students For Years?

Earlier this week, a Facebook post accusing an Arabic private tutor of sexually harassing students has gone viral.
People with Dyed Hair

Things To Not Say To People With Dyed Hair

You may have noticed this funny little habit people have. Whenever you change something about your appearance, like getting a new hair...
5 Movies Everyone Misunderstands

5 Movies Everyone Misses the Point Of

One common characteristic of most great movies is that they usually open up a conversation. See, there's usually many interpretations and intentions...
Mid-Year Break

Sure-Fire Ways to Get Rid of the Mid-Year Blues

It’s this time of year again. School’s out and the workload is getting lighter, so we know that means: boredom. Don’t worry, though. When...