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Stars used GFF’s Red Carpet to Support Their Causes, and We...

El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) wasn't just about gowns and tuxedos this year. Some celebrities took the opportunity to raise awareness for...

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فيلم “الفلوس”، حاجة جديدة ولا محاولة زايدة عن اللزوم؟

فيلم "الفلوس" هو أجدد أفلام تامر حسني؛ بعد ما كان متوقع نزوله العيد اللي فات، أخيراً اتعرض بجميع السينمات في مصر والدول العربية يوم ٢٥ ديسمبر اللي فات ولحد دلوقتي محقق أكتر من ١٤ مليون جنيه بعد أربع أيام بس من عرضه الفلوس...
5 Best Egyptian Rom-Coms

The 5 Best Egyptian Rom-Coms of All Time!

Among many genres, it's safe to say Rom-Coms are fairly underrated. Those feel-good, cute love stories that are kind of typical and...
Tips on dealing with ex-friends

Keeping Your Cool 101: 4 Tips To Deal With Ex-Friends

So, your friendship is over and that sucks. Who knows what happened, right? It might have been a misunderstanding gone sour or...
Arabic Teacher

Why Are We Just Hearing About An Arabic Teacher Sexually Harassing Students For Years?

Earlier this week, a Facebook post accusing an Arabic private tutor of sexually harassing students has gone viral.