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Why the 90's Are Egypt's Golden TV Age

Why The 90’s Are Egypt’s Golden Age of TV

Hey, do you know how Egyptian TV shows rarely impress us these days? Don’t try to make excuses. While a few TV shows...
Why Do Egyptian Girls Hate Omars?

Why Do Egyptian Girls Hate Omars?

Some of life's questions have always left us stumped. Why do we dream? Why did Sherif Mounir go that blond in Short...
8 Arab Celebrities Who Don't Use Their Real Names

5 Celebrities Who Don’t Use Their REAL Names

Stage names have been a pretty big deal in the Arab world, haven't they? In fact, some of our most favorite stars...
The 7 Best Ihsan Abdelqudous Novel Adaptations!

The 7 Best Ihsan Abdel Qudous Novel Adaptations!

Have you ever taken a moment to imagine how different Egypt's cinema and TV would have been if it wasn't so affected...
Noura's Dream

Identity Reviews: So What Was Noura’s Dream?

Okay, we have to admit this. When we first saw Hend Sabry winning an award for Noura's Dream during the last GIFF,...