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Asser Yassin Suits

Suits Starring Asser: Should We Get The Hype Train Going?

If you haven't heard the news, let us be the first ones to share it with you. Asser Yassin is currently collaborating...
Why the 90's Are Egypt's Golden TV Age

Why The 90’s Are Egypt’s Golden Age of TV

Hey, do you know how Egyptian TV shows rarely impress us these days? Don’t try to make excuses. While a few TV shows...

5 Girls Tell Us How They Found Out They Were Cheated On!

Is he cheating? A question that is just as old as time, yet somehow it remains the most relevant and juiciest of...
6 Celebs Who Actually Know HOW To Use Their Platforms

6 Celebs Who Actually Know HOW To Use Their Platforms

If you've been on social media anywhere for the past day and a half, you'll know things are hectic right now. People...
Egyptian Media

“No Means No”: The Sexual Harassment Case Altering The Perspective of Egyptian Media

During times like these, looking for positive acts to highlight is very important - and actually, much needed in order to flicker...