One of the most important moments in a girl’s life is when the love of her life plans a grand gesture to express his love and ask her hand in marriage. We have all seen proposal stories ranging from over-the-top to simple and sweet. If you are wondering when your guy might pop the question, here are some signs to look out for…



1. You lose one of your rings and he doesn’t seem to be bothered at all when you tell him


2. Tries to hide his nervousness and his stress and doesn’t do a good job at it either


3. He suddenly plans a trip or a night out for the both of you and doesn’t seem to reveal much of the plan


4. Talks to your friends more often than he is used to


5. He might make fun of different proposals to see which ones you think are tacky and which ones you like


6. Becomes very sensitive and romantic


7. Disappears for hours running just 20-minute errands


8. Has been limiting any big purchases and saving up


9. Uses we and our instead of me or your


10. Being in Egypt, the biggest sign of them all is him asking to meet your parents