Sometimes we start missing people that we shouldn’t be missing and it is alright. Because missing them and holding still is only one step to moving on, or at least I’d like to think so.

We catch ourselves doing these stupid actions that are driven by nothing else but our emotions, but it is okay because all these actions are what is left of that person.

Here are 7 things we are guilty of doing once we start missing someone. 

#1: Stalking Them On Social Media

This one is a basic! Checking their Instagram accounts, stories, pictures and even FB posts is what you do almost daily. Because you’ve got nothing left of them but these pictures of them lying on the internet. You now only get to know about their lives through their Instagram feed just like any stranger, which is sad, but it is better than nothing at the moment.

#2: Reading Their Old Messages

Their words are now limited to none, which makes you go back and read your old chats. You scroll down to that day when you both enjoyed your time together to the extent that you were too dramatic with the hearts and the emotions on Whatsapp. Or to that day you guys were fighting over this stupid girl. and then you realize that you’ve spent the last hour reading old messages that are about months and years old.

#3: Staring at Your Old Pictures Together

You can spend a good portion of your day looking at those old pictures of yours, thinking how this was the closest physical distance between you two and now the distance is too large to calculate. You look at your facial expressions and notice how you two were too happy that your cheeks were super squeezed.

#4: Having Weird Thoughts About Texting Them

The thought of texting them did cross your mind a lot but thank God you stopped yourself from committing a crime. You miss them to the extent that you want to talk to them but you have nothing else to say at the moment.

#5: Listening to Songs that Remind You of Them

You are going back from work and you are playing this playlist that reminds you of them and only them. Perhaps you are listening to this song that was their favorite or maybe this song that explains how you exactly feel. Not a single song that you listen to doesn’t remind you of them.

#6: Spend Hours of Your Day Staring at the Ceiling

You are staring at the ceiling but not because you are bored, it is because you are thinking of them. You’re reminiscing about the good old days. You keep on remembering the first time they told you ‘I love you’. Or how your first date went or even the day you first held hands. The memories keep on coming and you can’t help it but remember.

#7: You Ask Everyone About Them

This is the most hopeless one of all, but we do it genuinely. It is asking everyone about them. You ask their friends, your friends or even strangers about their state of mind. You don’t have any explanation for this specific act, you just do it unconsciously.

Missing them is okay because we are allowed to have feelings for one another. Just don’t let these feelings control you because you deserve to move on.