We have all grown up to tales and movies about the white knight who rides a white horse, saves the princess (in her white gown, for sure), steals her away from danger and they both live happily ever after in a big white castle. That’s so…white.

Anyway, since we’re talking fairy-tales, I need you to forget about Snow White and Cinderella for a moment. For heaven’s sake the first and only thing Snow White did as soon as she stepped into the seven dwarfs’ house was clean it! Does that ring like your version of a role model? I hope not. And let’s not talk about Cinderella who was a punch-bag, and never said a word about it. These are not the types we wish to discuss here because these women would, without blinking, say yes to be rescued by men (Both of them already did in the movies).

The types under discussion here are Jasmine, Esmeralda, Pocahontas, and better yet Mulan. Do you think these absolutely strong women would say yay or nay to having Mr. White save the day?

A woman like Esmeralda who fought against social justice and discrimination, would she want to be leading or following in her relationship? The answer is neither this nor that; she would want her relationship to be put on co-pilot mode.

A big share of women tend to like masculine guys, and for that reason they fear to display their strong characters thinking that would intimidate the guy. They fear that if he sensed that she could do without him, he would go away. So they mask their strength.

On the other hand, some other women leave this type of guys at an arm’s length from them, even if they liked the guy. These women believe that they have to do everything themselves. They don’t need a guy’s help, so they better not have a masculine one on board with them.

So which side had made the right call in your way of thinking? Let me make Mulan show us the way out of this knot. She was a very strong woman, attracted to a very strong masculine guy, the fabulous Shang, and they ended up together. How had she pull it off?

It’s simple; she knew that her being strong or not had nothing to do with him and everything to do with her. A weak woman needs everything to get done for her. A woman who’s faking strength thinks she doesn’t need a man; she spends so much energy trying to demonstrate that. But a real strong woman knows she could do everything herself, but it is so much fun and enjoyable to have someone else do it with her. That’s a girl.

We all need each other, that’s how this world functions. Neither women nor men need to prove to each other that they are better or stronger. It’s not a competition and no one is keeping score, but there are winners. These are the people who enjoyed life to the most, and considered their partner the cherry on the top.

Maybe women need to be rescued, but strong ones don’t. My question is, why would that mean that strong women wouldn’t want a superhero to sweep them off their feet?