We often talk about love like it’s the only thing capable of making or breaking our lives, but how many times have we stopped and wondered what is it really about love that makes us feel happy all the time? What is love really? And since we’re just as clueless as you are, we thought we’d ask 10 Egyptian girls to open up about the love of their life, maybe then, we can begin to grasp what love is all about

1. “I don’t know what is it about him exactly. Some things can only be felt and not said, but I know one thing. I know that when we stopped talking, I felt really sad and I would go and talk to him whenever possible. I don’t understand why I love him, or why he’s the love of my life. It’s good to have someone you can share your every thought with, without judgments. He’s the person I go to for help.”

2.” I never knew that he was the love of my life. We were best friends. I knew I loved him a lot, but I never knew that I loved him more than just a friend. I knew at some level, but I was really scared that it wouldn’t be true and I cherished our friendship so much. I didn’t want to lose him. That had to end though, because my reluctance to admit to myself that I loved him drove him away. He was the love of my life. He IS the love of my life, but he is also the one that got away.”

3. “I met him at a very low point in my life. My parents had just gotten a divorce and I had lost almost all my friends, but he walked into my life and he gave me a lot of attention and love. He was always there for me even when I talked about the stupidest stuff. Most people think that it’s wrong to become dependent on your partner, but that’s where I believe they are wrong. I love being dependent on him. I love how he is always there for me; it’s what made me fall in love with him.”

4.”I fell in love with my best friend of 8 years, but I didn’t keep my promise to love him no matter what. Things turned from good to bad; I was immature and impatient and wanted out. After we broke up, I became selfish and hurt him in ways I can’t take back. We don’t talk anymore and I can’t blame him and even though our relationship ended, I will never feel like it failed and would never want to change a thing about it. And if I don’t ever meet someone else that I have the same connection with, I’ll be okay with that.”

5.” I met him in college; he made me laugh all the time. I think I liked him first. It was just good to have someone who would make you laugh at all times. It’s been 7 years and we’re still together. We’re getting engaged next month. He made me realize there is really such a thing as a happy ending.”

6. “We dated on and off for more than 5 years, ever since we were little kids literally, but he was always a player. He always took me for granted, until 3 years ago when we started dating again, and he said that this time he’s old and wise and that he will do things differently. He really did change, and we’ve been really together ever since. I love him a lot. He makes me ridiculously happy.”

7. “Is it possible that the love of your life could also be the person who broke your heart the most? I fell in love with an abusive person who drained me from every good thing that I had going on in my life. It took me a lot of willpower to finally move on and leave him, but that was after I’d lost all my friends and all my dignity.”

8. “I like to think that I met him at a time when I really needed him. He gave me hope and put me on the right track to achieving my goals and dreams. It was because of his constant help and support that I excelled in my studies, and graduated with highest honors. It didn’t work out though, and I don’t regret it. He was there at the right time, and that’s all I need to know.”

9. “I stayed with a guy for 2 perfect years. We got along and knew each other like the back of our hands until life started to get in the way and we both turned crazy. One moment’s anger led me to break up with him and then I turned even crazier. I told him let’s be friends, but then I made out with many of his friends. I ended up losing the love of my life, because I couldn’t keep my anger in check.”

10. “I met him when we were 10 years old. We were really close and then I fell in love with him. We were best friends back then, and he would tell me all about his girlfriends as we grew up. It’s 12 years later, and I’m still in love with him. We’ve been in a relationship for 3 years.”


Isn’t love this beautiful, yet rare thing?