We all hate the curse of ‘being in the friendzone’, but we’ve all somehow been there. Yes moving on is one solution, but it is definitely the easy way out. We say that you fight, fight harder than you ever did. It is actually quite easy to break the curse, only if you follow these 10 rules. It is definitely a “make it or break it” kind of thing, but of course, we hope that you make it!


#1: Up your flirting game a bit

Being flirty certainly means that you are interested in that person one way or another. This is your way of exiting the friendzone. Don’t make it too obvious because at this point you just need to be subtle.

#2: Try to spend more alone time together

Going out in groups will never give them the chance to get to know you better in that kind of way. It will only get you closer as a group, all of you. Try grabbing a cup of coffee together, or accompanying them when they’re running some errands, just do it one way or another.

#3: Try to build a strong connection

Doing lots of talking and going out without a connection will drive you nowhere. You need to find a connection between you two. See what you both have in common and highlight it. Have those deep conversations that make you feel like both your souls are intertwined. It helps a lot!

#4: Be a great listener

Yes, friends can be great listeners too. But you have to try and be there for them in an exceptional way. Show care and support that a normal friend wouldn’t casually show. But of course don’t be too cheesy, because no one likes that!

#5: Make it all pressure free

People hate pressure and drama, so don’t be a source of that. Adding pressure will only make the distance longer because no person wants to feel committed or restricted.

If you leave the impression that you’re a fun person to be around, then this might make things fall into place.

#6: Don’t send mixed signals

He/She might not get it at first, but that is okay. The most important thing is that you don’t send mixed signals at any point. Don’t friendzone him/her and call him/her names like buddy, friend and then start flirting with him/her a couple of hours later. Be concise.

#7: Have lots of patience

Yes, probably it feels awkward at times or tiring when you don’t always get the reactions you want, but you have to be patient. You want real feelings so you have to wait. You have to be prepared for the rejections and the pace of progress.

#8: Try to make them feel special

Humans like those who make them feel special. It doesn’t have to be by showering each other with gifts, it can be by simply showing how much that person means to you. How much effort you’re willing to put to make them feel happy.

#9: Take initiatives if you can

If you like her then ask her out on a date, only if you feel like your relationship is getting stronger. It doesn’t have to be labelled as a ‘date’. Just put some effort to make her feel special. And if you like him, try to show some signs and maybe ask him out too (if you’re the bold one of course)

#10: Confess

It takes a really strong person to do that, but at some point, you have to either confess or just move on. If you feel like you guys have a chance together, then go for it, if not, then moving on would be the best solution. And remember, if your friendship is strong enough, your confession wouldn’t harm it either way.

We hope you find love at your corner because we all deserve it, and may the odds be ever in your favor.