first date

By: Alex Wise 

No matter how much the world may turn, one thing is certain, you only get one chance to make a first impression. I sure wish someone would’ve told me this 20 years ago when I went on my very first date. I wore a bright pink button down dress shirt, a pair of gray pants (not quite jeans and not quite slacks either) and a pair of white TRAX tennis shoes! Not to mention, I had shaved and edged my hair myself. I still have pictures as evidence. Needless to say, I looked and felt like a cornball when my date opened the door and sort of smirked at me. We still had our date but, it was our first and last.

Now let’s fast forward years later (2010) and let’s just say, I’ve learned a thing or two about making a first and lasting impression on a woman with just my dress code alone. Check out the expert opinions from most influential sites in the dating world like Match, Eharmony and Loveawake and please share them with the guys you know, so they will not make or continue to make these critical ‘dress code’ mistakes that most men do.

Bright Shirts, Striped Shirts and Sweatshirts 

Guys if you want to make a nice subtle impression on a first date, please do not wear a bright colored shirt, striped shirt or especially a t-shirt/sweatshirt with your favorite pro or college team. Bright colors make you look like you are desperate for attention and trying too hard to be noticed. Striped shirts make you look like you are in high school and t-shirts/sweaters with a college or pro team plastered all over it should be self-explanatory. Women like a nice clean look on a man. For example, a nice solid colored polo shirt that is tucked in and fits nicely on your body. You can never go wrong with earth tones for shirts. Very comforting to the eye and offers a warm presence to her.

Shorts R’ Not US

Unless you have set the expectation from the onset that the date is going to be in a pool party, a beach setting, or a Bar-BQ etc., never ever wear shorts on a first date. This is extremely tacky! I don’t care how much you may work out your legs and feel that they are your “best assets” (I feel sorry for you if they are) wearing shorts exudes room for maturity on his part and in my opinion; he’s not taking you seriously. Granted, I’m not suggesting he wears a tuxedo or a shirt and tie. Odds are if he did, this would not be your first date. But certainly a nice pair of jeans or slacks is 100% acceptable.

Don’t Take a Shower In Your Old English Facial Wash

Don’t get me wrong, cologne is good but too much cologne can be disastrous. A woman loves when a man smells delicious. There’s just something about when a man smells good that makes her melt. In fact, if you smell good, it could very possibly make it easy for her to overlook the bright orange shirt with the stripes that you’re wearing. My strong suggestion is select a cologne that has a subtle and sexy scent and stick with it. Own that scent and make it yours. Also, not all colognes are going to compliment your natural body chemistry so be sure you and the cologne are a good fit before you drown yourself in it.

DO NOT Wear a Mask!

In other words don’t wear someone else’s personality. Just be who you are. If you’re trying to be something or someone that you’re not, it’ll be so obvious. So obvious that you’ll be uncomfortable and this will certainly transfer to her comfort level as well. If you try to be someone else other than you, it’s only a matter of time that the real ‘You’ will surface. Therefore if she does like you, it won’t be the real you that she likes, it’ll be the “other guy” that you showed up as. And you will totally lose her because neither one of you will know who YOU are! Be comfortable with being who you are. Think of it like this, she said yes to a date with you in the first place so there must be “potential” there in some capacity.

Lose the “Bling- Bling”!

Please leave all of your bling at home! I know your confidence may be totally tied into your gold, silver, platinum chains, 2 carat CZ studded earrings, and your ‘big faced’ CZ encrusted watch. I understand that you may feel that this defines you and that those tangible items alone, will make her fall head over heels for you (depending on the kind of woman you like, maybe it will) but trust me, for the most part, women are strongly turned off by men who are flashy and gouty with jewelry. It’s distracting and she immediately draws a stereotypical perception of you. Most women appreciate men who are subtle about wearing his accessories and not defined by them.

Guys, hopefully these tips will raise your conversion percentage on second dates and potentially lead to a fun and healthy relationship. Ladies, I hope these tips can make you aware of a few signs that can help you help him step up his “dress code” and be the good guy that he is striving to be.

Keep Love Simple!