With the warm weather begins every girl’s panic and stress about her summer duties. No shave winter is ending; it’s time to take out your ripped jeans and sundresses. While on the other hand, guys don’t have a care in the world about this change of weather except for the fact that they don’t need to layer up anymore. Here are 10 struggles Egyptian guys and men in general don’t suffer from in summer:

1- Hair

While humidity transforms girls into Mufasa from The Lion King, guys hate it for one sole reason, it makes them sweat.

2- Waxing

No hair removal is required whatsoever. AT ALL!

3- Clothes

Girls’ summer shopping needs a handsome budget; starting with swimsuits, beach wear and ending with night attires. And all guys have to do is bring along 2 swimsuits probably from the summer before and that’s about it.

4- Body

No certain body image is expected or required from guys. His belly is his pride and if he has no belly, he is still good to do.

5- Sudden Trips

Guys can simply decide on the same day to travel for the weekend with no prior arrangements.

6- Time of the Month

This is an ongoing struggle, but it’s accentuated during the summer. Girls need to find a beach with a well-equipped bathroom.

7- Make-up

Guys don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror to look good before going out at night. And it’s literally the end of the world, if she’s forgotten her make-up.

8- What is Too Much Skin

Guys don’t have to endure the thin line of ‘is it really revealing’, ‘is it too much skin’?

9- Beach Bag

The well packed beach bag which includes EVERYTHING: tanning oil, hair brush, leave-in conditioner and the list goes on. All they have to do is wear a t-shirt.

10- Nails

Guys don’t need to worry about their nails breaking off because of the sand and water or not having the exact color of nail polish to re-apply it if it chipped off.

So guys, what are your struggles in summer?


  • Omar

    Sunburns, embarassing baby rashes (unless if some guys wear cotton underwear underneath swim trunks but ew), and irritation between toes (flip flops).