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BREAKING: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rape Case Tightens As THREE New Victims Are Set To Speak...

For the past couple of weeks, we've been hearing stories about an American woman, who's accusing Juventus player Cristiano Ronaldo of raping her in...
Michael Bublé

HEARTBREAKING: Michael Bublé RETIRES Due to Son’s Battle with Cancer

In his interview with The Daily Mail, Canadian music star Michael Bublé announced his retirement from music, declaring that his next album “Love” will...
Tamer Hosny

BREAKING: Egyptian Superstar Tamer Hosny Has Been Rushed to Hospital!

A few hours ago, Egyptian singer and actor Tamer Hosny's official Facebook page posted the news of his sudden hospitalization. The post said that the singer...
Food Ranger

“The Food Ranger” Visits Egypt and HE IS BLOWN AWAY!

In an attempt to unravel the rich food culture in Egypt, the Canadian vlogger Trevor James "The Food Ranger" visited a number of traditional...

Egyptian Girl becomes EU Ambassador for One Day

For the occasion of the International Day of the Girl, the European Union (EU) Delegation to Egypt participated on Tuesday by naming 17-year-old high school...




7 Things Girls Only Do With The Guy They Love

It's so weird how love works. You start to like someone, automatically you begin to hide your true self from them, because hey, everyone...

7 Sure Signs That A Shy Person Is Crushing On You

The game of figuring out if someone likes you or not is already ranking high on the Hard & Complicated Games To Play list!...
Effehat el aflam

12 Movies to Watch to Be the ‘Effehat el Aflam’ Pro

Every group of friends has this one person who knows nothing about effehat el aflam. This person always feels left out every time the group...