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Injy El Mokkaddem

Injy El Mokkaddem: A Fearless Star Who Chases After Her Dreams

Stars are meant to be in the spotlight, but when one steals the show from everyone else, that merits a pause and a well...

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The “On the Run” guy becomes “Famous” and proves the double-standards of society

Another day, another irrelevant person made famous. This time, however, the person made famous is causing quite the controversy. The "On the run" guy is...

10 معلومات مكنتش تعرفها عن عالم ديزني

  وإحنا صغيرين كنا بنمر بمرحلتين واحنا بنشوف أي فيلم كارتون، بتبدأ المرحلة الأولى بأننا بنندمج جدًا في أحداث الفيلم وبتنتهي بتعلقنا ببعض الشخصيات، وبعد...

Your anti-partying Sahel guide

Not a party person? Over excessive partying? Your bank can no longer handle your party habits? What if we told you, you can still...

The Minister of Electricity Talks About Assiut Electricity Generation Plans

Mohamed Shaker, Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, addresses the ministry's plans for the electricity generation and the development of this sector. He made...

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7 Things Girls Only Do With The Guy They Love

It's so weird how love works. You start to like someone, automatically you begin to hide your true self from them, because hey, everyone...

7 Sure Signs That A Shy Person Is Crushing On You

The game of figuring out if someone likes you or not is already ranking high on the Hard & Complicated Games To Play list!...
Effehat el aflam

12 Movies to Watch to Be the ‘Effehat el Aflam’ Pro

Every group of friends has this one person who knows nothing about effehat el aflam. This person always feels left out every time the group...