Rain in Cairo
It’s raining in Cairo! Even if you like the rain, you know that being in the streets of Cairo during the rain requires some…extra preparation.

Here’s how to prepare for rain in Egypt:

1- Dress to Impress:

Obviously, you will need hoodies and insulated clothing. But most importantly, you will need rain-friendly shoes. Even if you are not going to walk much, you would still appreciate not getting your feet soaked in a water puddle—or ditch—when you get off your car.


2- Avoid Mud Baths:

It may seem like a good idea, but it’s not; trees aren’t shelter from the rain. You will be showered in the mud that falls from them and also…rain. So…no, trees are bad when it comes to rain.

3- Avoid Driving:

You can take the metro as it’s a safer alternative. Or go for a quick stroll if your work isn’t that far. The metro doesn’t get affected much with the weather conditions. Be warned though, it’s bound to be overly crowded.

Fun times…

4- In Case You Have to Drive, Drive Safely:

On a serious note, there are around 12,000 casualties that are attributed to rain-related car accidents—according to WHO. This may sound like a cliché, but driving in rain requires extra care. Even if you are a seasoned driver, chances are that other people sharing the lanes of Egypt with you aren’t.

In Egypt, it’s not about being careful of your errors as much as being more careful of others’ errors…or recklessness.

On a far less serious note, please, don’t spray pedestrians by driving too fast next to them.


5- Walk Tall:

In the raining streets of Cairo, you must be extra careful—more than the usual necessary care on a normal day.

Try to avoid the water bodies as much as you can. There may be literal holes or ditches—I don’t even know what to call them—that may change your pace from walking to swimming.

If you are urged to admire the rain, please do so far away from the sidewalk. Remember cars splashing water on pedestrians? Yes, you don’t want that.


6- Just Stay at Home:

I’m not saying you should stay home—I’m just implying it. You can avoid all of that and just have a cozy night in, listening to Fayrouz and sipping a nice cup of cocoa, if this is your thing.



What about you? How do you prepare for rain? Let us know in the comments.