The Black and White movies that we still watch even in 2019, are just a national treasure! Do you remember back when Egypt’s celebrity couples were honestly THE BEST?

Who hasn’t completely fallen in love with the great likes of Shadia, Abdelhalim, Rojdi Abaza or Samia Gamal?

Since it’s Valentine’s day; we thought of remembering all our favorite beautiful celebrity couples that had always given us faith in love and still do to date! 

1. Shadia and Salah Zulfikar

Who could forget “Meraty Modir 3am”, “Karamet Zawgati”, “Aghla men Hayati” or “3afrit Meraty”? All their movies together are already our top favorite Black and White films!

The two were not just a couple goals on the screen, but they were goal off-screen too! Although they got a divorce at some point in time; when they were married, it was like everyone was watching a real-life fairytale.

2. Soad Hosni and Hussein Fahmy

Definitely, the first sentence that comes to your minds right now is “Ya Wad ya Te2il”, right? “Khali Balak men Zouzou” is obviously one of the most iconic movies of all time!

Soad Hosny is the screen’s Cinderella, as everyone knows. And she has done many movies with so many amazing actors where they were also considered “couple goals” for everyone.

However, her and Hussein Fahmy’s relationship in “Amira Hoby Ana” and the one we previously mentioned, stood out BIG time!

They always represented the tough love everyone is standing against, and it was so beautiful to watch! 

3. Sabah and Ahmed Mazhar

The stunning “Sha7roura” and “The Prince” got everyone obsessed back then when they appeared together in the outstanding movie “Al Aydi Al Na3ema”. The movie’s storyline itself was so interesting. There are almost zero people who haven’t watched it.

Their cat and mouse relationship got us glued to the screen and rewatching over and over again. 

4. Mariam Fakhr El-Din and Shokry Sarhan

Is there anyone in Egypt or the Arab world who don’t know the most famous classic “Roda Qalbi”? Highly unlikely.

Mariam Fakhr El-Din and Shokry Sarhan – AKA Injy and Aly – were the forbidden love everybody comes back to watch every now and then.

It’s an endless undying love story that no one could admit they hate, even a little! It was basically a fairytale out of the history books…

5. Shoeikar and Fouad Al Mohandes

This couple was, and still is, everyone’s favorite! On and off screen.

Like Shadia and Salah Zulfikar, they were a real-life fairytale even though they later got a divorce.

What’s incredibly amazing about their relationship is that even after the separation, they were still keen on declaring their love for each other in public appearances and interviews.

They too did like a million movies together. The ones that will always be stuck in our heads are “Motarda Gharameya”, “El Ragel Dah Hayganeny” and “El 3ataba Gazaz”.

6. Zbeida Tharwat and Abdelhalim Hafez

“Yom men Omry” is such an iconic movie for “The 3andaleeb” Abdelhalim Hafez. What made it so special was the beauty of his and Zbeida Tharwat’s love story. It was so sweet with all the secrets, the undercover job, and the runaway love.

The romance was also way more incredible because of the amazing songs included in the movie. From “B Amr El Hob” to “Dehk w Le3b”. The sweet lovey-dovey feels were all over! 

7. Lobna Abdel Aziz and Rojdi Abaza

The very definition of a love-hate relationship! Who doesn’t like to watch some of that from time to time? “Ah men 7awa2” was such an amazing representation of major hate turned to a love story, in a funny way too!

Rojdi Abaza, Egyptians’ favorite bad boy, and the always stunning Lobna Abdel-Aziz were literally couple goals despite the messy situations in the movie!

8. Laila Murad and Anwar Wagdy

Laila Murad ana Anwar Wagdy were an incredibly iconic couple. Maybe even the MOST iconic! Who hasn’t watched at least a dozen of their movies? From “Qalbi Dalili” with the beautiful timeless song, to “Ghazal Al Banat”. 

The two icons, like many others, had a beautiful love story on and off-screen!

9. Samia Gamal and Farid El Atrash

The beautiful Egyptian actress and dancer Samia Gamal was rumored to have an off-screen love affair with the prince Farid El Atrash. However, even if this one was cut short, we’ll never forget their chemistry on screen in “Habib El Omr” and “Afrita Hanem” for example!

10. Magda and Ehab Nafe3

YAS! Another on and off-screen romance! Honestly, seems like back in the days, actors just LOVED to star in romantic movies with their love lives! For the late former married couple Magda and Ehab Nafe3 for example, that was the case; such as “Al Hakeeka Al 3areya” and “Al Qobla Al Akhira”.

11. Hend Rostom and Ahmed Ramzy

Ahmed Ramzy? More like the love of everyone’s life in Egypt! Rarely ever you’d find an Egyptian woman who didn’t have a crush on Ahmed Ramzy. He always starred as the playboy in movies. He also had a lot of relationships on screen that could be considered couple goals.

However, his and Hend Rostom’s romance on screen is always a blessing to watch; who could forget “Sera3 Ma3 Al Hayah” or the very popular “Ibn Hamido”.

12. Faten Hamama and Omar El Sherif

The most beautiful and outstanding romantic couple there is in the history of Egyptian cinema! Faten Hamama and Omar El Sherif are literally everyone’s favorite couple, of all time.

Also, on and off screen. Who could forget “Sayedat El Qasr” or “Nahr El Hob” ? Two of the most beautiful love stories!

Moreover, like Shoeikar and Fouad El Mohandes, after the divorce, they still had so much love for each other and it was really evident!

So what do you think of this Valentine blast from the past you guys? Honestly, nothing was better than those beautiful Egyptian couples back in the days! Such icons!