By Rana Ramez 

The Egyptian economy is currently witnessing an entrepreneurial revolution; the country has climbed 10 spots and now ranks at 95 on the Global Innovation Index for 2018 and is the most improved in MENA region. The growing trend is highly forming the future of Egypt and is believed to be the core of its upcoming growth. Thus, IDENTITY has gathered a list of 15 enterprises and startups that are not only uniquely innovative but are also setting the future.

1. Elves

Elves is a mobile application that enables its users to text an AI powered person who will help them in finding, booking, buying and delivering stuff everywhere. Based on the term of the concierge economy, the personal little helper app is a chat based platform that pairs up people with an assistant who gets to know them, do the search for them and facilitate purchases.

2. Movie Pigs

Totally dedicated to Arabic independent films, Movie Pigs is an innovative two-sided platform for streaming and crowdfunding independent films. Founded by Perihan Abou Zeid, Movie Pigs allows filmmakers to crowdfund their projects, besides giving the audience the opportunity to watch indie films from around the world. It is now available in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia.

3. Solariz Egypt

Solariz is the leading solar expert company in Egypt that offers a better, cheaper and cleaner source of electricity to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors other than the conventional energy. Starting off in 2013, the company designs, installs and commissions Photovoltaic solar power plants. Achieving the energy independence of Egypt is Solariz’s ultimate goal.

4. Recyclobekia


Based in Egypt, Recyclobekia is the first of its kind company in the Arab world that provides green recycling of electronic waste and safe data destruction services. The electronic waste recycling company serving the MENA region has the mission of leading the region towards the culture of e-waste recycling.

5. Edfa3ly

Starting off in 2010, Edfa3ly is an automated personal shopper service that has figured out a solution to the issue of online shopping in Egypt. The platform offers its customers the chance to shop products worldwide and have their items delivered right to their doorstep without paying excessive shipping fees. The startup is highly and quickly spreading across MENA, Asia & East Africa.

6. Wuzzuf

Wuzzuf is an online employment platform founded by Ameer Sherif in 2014. The website offers innovative online recruitment solutions for top enterprises and organizations, and what makes it remarkably distinctive is that it tackles every aspect a recruiter may search for in a resume. Wuzzuf is expanding their work to the UAE, Qatar and other Gulf countries, based on their proven success.

7. Tagaddod

With the aim of being the leading renewable energy provider to businesses and households in the Middle East, Tagaddod is all about producing biodiesel from used cooking oil. Based on the belief that renewable energy is the way forward, the renewable energy and waste management company focuses on the production of the most used alternative biofuel around the world, biodiesel.

8. Vezeeta

In 2015, Amir Barsoum founded a digital healthcare platform connecting patients with healthcare providers and health services. With the main office based in Cairo, now Vezeeta is also working in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon. The digital cloud-based solutions allow end users to search, compare and schedule healthcare providers online for free and provide them the ability to a better access of healthcare.

9. Instabug

Starting in 2012, the co-founders Omar Gabr and Moataz Soliman have developed the in-app feedback and bug reporting for mobile apps software; Instabug. From SoundCloud, Samsung and Paypalto eBay, Yahoo, Evernote and Buzzfeed; the technology company based in Egypt has been inserted in 26 of the top 100 apps globally with over 800 million devices.

10. Agrimatic Farms

Attaining food security through the pursuit for sustainable and innovative soilless farming is the core of Agrimatic Farms. The company is devoted to overcome the global challenges of the rapidly expanding global population, limited fertile land, water scarcity and slow agricultural development by tailoring innovative system designs based on solid scientific foundation and research.

11. Tripdizer

Founded by the world traveler Sameh Salah, Tripdizer is an online interactive customized platform that uses technology to tailor personalized trips and maximize the travel experience of its users. The website and online application guarantee that planning trips will be hassle-free; booking fights/ hotels/local transportation, arranging visits, reserving activities, calculating budgets and sharing experiences are now all under one roof.

12. Fixawy

From plumbing works, electricity, carpentry, plaster works, air conditioning to gypsum board, aluminum works, tiling works, satellite technicians and painting works; Fixawy is a search engine for home service craftsmen in Egypt. The application matches users with the best, nearest and most qualified craftsmen while offering a fixed pricing system and a fixer rating for reviews and post-service feedbacks. Hiring fixers is now a piece of cake.

13. Up-fuse

Founded by Yara Yassin and Rania Rafie in Cairo, Up-fuse is one of the leading eco-design studios in Egypt that designs and produces environmental and socially responsible products. The lifestyle brand, promoting a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle, has developed techniques to upcycle plastic bags transforming them into high quality handmade bags and accessory products.

14. Mumm

Waleed Abdelrahman founded an online market place that connects talented home-based cooks with customers to give them access to wholesome fresh homemade food, from the home chef’s kitchen. The online platform empowers stay-at-home housewives, mothers and refugees to have a sustainable source of income by selling their homemade meals alongside with improving the underserved market of homemade food.

15. Yaoota

Yaoota is an Egyptian search engine built to help consumers to save money and is considered as MENA’s premier shopping search engine. The online price comparison platform for products sold online provides users with the chance to choose the most suitable products based on the best up-to-date prices, deals and product information from serious, trustworthy online stores.