Human beings never stop wanting and needing more of everything. So given that necessity is the mother of invention, new innovations are being created everyday to cater to our needs. We thought we’d bring you a roundup of the coolest and weirdest inventions we stumbled upon in 2016. However, not all of these inventions necessarily qualify as useful, but you’ll feel like you want them anyway as they can help us in our day to day life. 

1- A device that allows you to see what’s in your ears


I’m not really sure how this would come in handy, but the idea that we’ve had ears for as long as we’ve lived but never really could see what’s inside makes one curious!

2- A hand chopper to place instead of your hands while chopping 


At first sight, this reminded me of Dexter with the hands and the nail polish and everything. This invention is definitely on the creepy side, but no one can argue its resourcefulness. Now, you can no longer worry about chopping off a finger while making salad!

3- Rotating Lego Sockets

Rotating Lego Sockets

Rotating Lego Sockets

For those who own a lot of gadgets, these sockets rotate 360%. These are DEFINITELY going on my 2017’s buy wish-list.

4- A Foot Powered Hair Dryer

foot powered hair dryer

This one’s for the electricity savers, because creativity has no limits.

5- An Animated Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank

It looks like a Disney villain and that it will eat a lot more than just your money.

6- Laser Guided Scissors


Precision has never been a strong suit for many when it comes to dealing with scissors. So, these Laser Guided Scissors will definitely be considered as a useful tool.

7- The Rolling Bench That You Can Use After Rain

Rolling Bench

Rolling Bench

All universities should make use of that bench. During the winter, all benches would be soaking wet and we’d find no place to sit outside.

8- Cupcake Floss


No one will forget to floss their teeth again with this cupcake flavored floss!

9- Splash Protector splash-protector-for-the-hairs

Gone are the days where you have to tie your hair up while you’re eating Spaghetti or noodles with lots of sauce, because the Splash Protector is here to guard your hair.

10- Smart Trash Can

Smart Trash Can

Admit it. You want one.

11- TaxiWalker


A device that not only tells you how many calories you burned at the end of your walk, but also how much money your journey would have cost in a taxi. It helps you keep track of your fitness and the money you’re saving!

12- Napkin Pants


Because we all do it when we think no one’s looking.

13- Facebook Shower Curtain


I don’t know what the relevancy of this is, but I was compelled to put it on this list for some unknown reason.

14- The Abs-hancer

abs hancer

Why go the gym when you can buy the Abs-hancer? But word to the wise anyone, I highly doubt that “chicks dig it”.

15- All-in-One Wrapping Paper



And suddenly, you no longer need a customized wrapping paper for every occasion, because this combines all. This also gives us an idea of a new wrapping paper which could be one of those “the first 4 words you read” will be how I feel towards you.

16- Eye Drop Tube Thingy


Putting eye drops is a nightmare; You can’t stop yourself from blinking. You ask someone to put it for you and still can’t stop fidgeting, and when they’re done, you don’t feel like anything went in to your eyes. So if this will help with the fidgeting, I’m getting one!

17- Bike Lane Safety Light


Those bikes come with bike lane safety lights that let you create your own bike lanes at night. So, it’s much safer for cyclists to ride their bicycles at night. However, the sad truth is that it wouldn’t work in Egypt because the concept of lanes hasn’t been introduced in our country yet.

18- Air-Conditioned Pants


I mean. SERIOUSLY! Freakin’ Air-conditioned pants. What’s next? Pants that dress and undress themselves?

19- Light in Your Pocket


For every time you get a bright idea!

20- Piano Doorbell

piano doorbell

I just thought this was really neat. Visitors will definitely enjoy ringing your doorbell, so don’t get one if you’re not very sociable and don’t like people coming over frequently.

21- Date Napkins 

Date Napkins

Napkins that help you stay looking good while you eat. Those would be great for first dates, wouldn’t they?

22- Floating Speakers 


Because every cool pool party needs a floating speaker.

23- Solar Powered Tents 

Solar Powered Tents

Camping just got a lot easier.

24- Milk Carton that Changes Color Before Expiry 


You don’t need to smell or taste it anymore.

The coolest things about these inventions is that they combine all sorts of simple ideas to give us a product that will make our lives more convenient. Give it up to the creators of these ingenious inventions and cheer them on to create more!