We would all like to look our best this summer and reach the much sought after “formet el sa7el”. However, we sometimes lack the motivation to do any workouts or feel too lazy to visit the gym. Think no more! We brought you 5 superhero inspired workouts by Neila Rey that you can do in the comfort of your own home!

1. The Batman Workout

Who doesn’t want to look like Bruce Wayne or his alter ego crime fighting superhero? This workout mainly focuses on your core and abs.

2. The Spartan Workout

If you thought those abs in the movie ‘300’ were CGI’d, then think again! Gerard Butler mentioned he had to workout for 7 months to reach the physique we see in the film. Since ‘300’ boasted many fit men with 100 pack abs, this is what this routine targets.

3. The Spider-Man Workout

A lot of core focused moves are in this routine. This workout will also help with flexibility, just like Spider-Man!

4. The Iron Man Workout

This routine mostly targets the upper body and core.

5. The Deadpool Workout

If you want a body like the merc with the mouth, then this workout is for you! This routine will strengthen your muscles and core.

Hopefully, these workouts will motivate you to get up and exercise! So which Superhero do you want to be?