What’s up with parties in Egypt? Is it just me, or do you all overhear the weirdest conversations at parties? I can tell you one thing for sure, if you close your eyes for a split second in the girls’ bathroom, you might think you’re in Europe or the US. Many of us have seen people drink alcohol, do drugs and make out on the dance floor when they start kicking. Is it getting out of hand? Or is this a start of a more “free” Egypt? Anyway, we gathered some of the “weirdest” conversations we overheard just last week!

1. In the girls’ bathroom

Girl: “Ya Farida engezy abl ma Ramy yekhalas ezazet el M (MDMA); da 3abeet momken yeb2a fakerha maya!”

taking pill

2. On the dance floor

Guy: “ Yabenti ehdi, haghtesbek wallahy.”

Girl laughing at what the guy said: “Fi heita henak ma7adesh hayshofna.”


3. At the entrance door

A guy who literally just paid for his ticket and before saying hi to his friends goes like: “Ha ya gama3a fein el pills (ecstasy)????”

Guy 2: “Baolak eh, mafeesh haga gowa. kalem sohabak el modmeneen”.

Umm babe, I think that you’re one of “sohabo el modmeneen”! hqdefault


4. Inside the party

Guy1: “Fakes khabt, ana has-core (buy) abyad (cocaine) el mara el gaya.”

Guy2: “law abyad pure hadkhol ma3ak fi G (gram).”


5. Outside the party

Three guys looking very tired. Guy1: “Lessa fi K (ketamine)?”

Guy2: “Baolak eh ana mesh fahem w mesh shayef haga; mesh 3aref eh el demagh di.”

Guy3: “Fi wad keda kol ama ashoofo gowa yeshadedney K; shadet keteer “awi”…khosh shoofo ya 3am hatla2ey ma3ah.”

6. Afterparty

Guy1: “Baolak eh, afterparty eh el kalam?”

Guy2: “Yalla afterparty fel Maadi, bas I heard it was a gay party fa mesh 3aref.”

Guy3: “No habeeby, it’s a mixed party. Bring your friends w yalla!”

Note: We have nothing to add except that this is the ugly truth we now have to face in our clubbing life! 

*This, of course, doesn’t apply to all clubs.