During Ramadan, specifically while fasting, the simplest tasks and chores can become very exhausting.

One of those draining tasks that people usually overlook is the human interactions. Not all of them, of course, just the particularly annoying ones.

And while we all love our friends and all that, let’s face it, some of them make it really hard to get through the 16 hour-long fasting time!

We get that, we have been there. Which is why we decided to help you have a smoother fasting time this Ramadan by making you a list of the friends you should NOT hang out with while fasting.

You are welcome!

1. The Whining Kind

Okay, so let’s get one thing straight. We know you’re hungry, thirsty, exhausted, sleepy, in dire need of coffee, “can’t anymore”, and hot. Because guess what, WE ALL ARE!

So maybe if you stopped talking about it, we could maybe I don’t know stop thinking about it so much.

2. The “How long is left till Iftar?” Friend

The only time any of us is allowed to ask this question is when the answer is 5 minutes or less, because the only acceptable answer is “let’s eat!”. Anything else is pure torture.

I know you are anxiously waiting for it, we all are. But guess what? Asking about it every 5 minutes doesn’t make it come any faster, trust us, we have tried.

3. The “Let’s talk about food to torture ourselves” Kind

Alright, so we are all hungry, thirsty and would kill for some food right now. But we fast for 16 hours, let’s assume you are one of the lucky ones who sleep for 8 of them, why would you want to spend the other 8 daydreaming and TALKING about all the foods we CANNOT have?

Why do you hate us? No, No, why do you hate yourself?!

4. The Chatty One

We have nothing against people that like to express themselves, even if continuously express themselves.

But honey, we haven’t had a drip of water or food in at least 8 hours, and not about to have any in a couple more, so where do you get the energy to talk to me about your elementary school teachers?! I mean I text people in the next room so I don’t have to talk to them!


5. The “Allahom eny sa2em” Buddy

Alright, buddy, let’s get this clear ONCE and for all. You know you are fasting, we know you are fasting, God knows you are fasting, people in the next block know you are fasting, because guess what, WE ALL ARE! So if you must declare it, how about I don’t know… SAYING IT ONCE?

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6. The #Ramadan_Nights Guilt-inducing Friend

Here’s the thing, if a person fasts for 16 hours straight during which they have to scrape enough energy to get through a work day that starts around 8 or 9 am, which happens to be 4 or 5 hours after Sohour time, then this person is entitled to not just rest, but to DROP TO SLEEP any chance they get.

So just because you got the energy or free time to burn the midnight every night at a different venue or Kheima (tent), it doesn’t mean that you get to make your friend feel like an old dying person for wanting to sleep, or worse, guilt them into coming with you so they could spend a miserable exhausting night dreaming about their bed.

Why not just, you know… LET THEM SLEEP!

Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying cut all ties with those friends. We’re simply saying that just like you avoid any extra exhausting activities during fasting, you will want to avoid these exhausting interactions too.

Just tell them, no hard feelings or anything but see ya in 30 days!

If you have another type of friends that makes it particularly hard to get through Ramadan, don’t hide it from us and tell us all about them in the comments.

Let’s help each other stay as sane as possible this month, Ramadan Kareem Y’all!