Ted Bundy

You guys definitely heard the name Ted Bundy at least a million times over the last couple of weeks. So many controversies are already surrounding the new movie where Zac Efron is portraying the serial killer.

But that’s not quite what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to address the fact that so many people are already finding it ill and offensive that Bundy is being portrayed by a ‘hot and attractive’ Hollywood actor.

While the other majority is actually deliberately, romanticizing him. Which is already VERY problematic. And both ends are also VERY wrong. Why?

Well, haven’t you guys stopped and asked yourselves how Bundy was able to trick all these women? It’s actually obvious but if you don’t think so, we brought you a list of similarities between Ted Bundy and ‘the average’ fuckboy:

1. The Charm

Ted Bundy was charming. Almost everything he said or did when he was picking up women, was indeed, charming and very attractive.

So many guys, nowadays, who turn out to be players or heartbreakers under the famous title of “Fuckboys”, are also very charming at the beginning. 

2. The Lies

Bundy was full of lies. The serial killer lied about his crimes for over a decade straight, covering his tracks and never stopping.

For our modern fuckboys, they could even make you crazy believing you’re the one who is thinking the worst of them. When the truth is that they’re simply lying about cheating for example. Or maybe sometimes, who they are. 

3. The Nerve / Confidence

The serial killer had the nerve to have so much confidence in himself, denying his crimes and even laughing during his trials.

His extremely confident attitude around the women he ended up murdering is just the same as those who trick you into sleeping with them, for instance, and then leave you like that’s what was supposed to happen. They see no wrong in what they do. It’s like they’re not even aware. 

4. The Unfortunate ‘Good Looking’ Quality

Let’s ask ourselves and not lie for once. Why do some girls just get attracted to fuckboys and sometimes even stay after realizing they’re toxic for them?

Yes, personality traits, attitudes and also memories are important aspects in these so-called relationship. But mainly, the first attraction is the looks. That’s also EXACTLY what Ted Bundy had. And why the film creators chose to cast Zac Efron. 

Some people just don’t really get that for some reason.

5. The Friendliness

According to psychologists, Ted Bundy had a very friendly attitude. Part of why he wasn’t so easily caught or targeted was because of how normal and friendly he seemed. Mainly to the women he murdered.

Sometimes when you develop feelings for a guy you’re originally friends with, you fall in love with your friendship first, then turn it into a relationship. That’s what Bundy did and that’s why girls don’t discover the fuckboy characteristic in most guys so easily.

6. The Controlling Trait

Serial killers are all about control, sexually or in different aspects of the relationship. Again, that’s part of Ted Bundy’s personality. That’s also how we find so many fuckboys. They like to have the upper hand, do whatever they want, no questions asked.

While all those characteristics are very common in guys, especially the ‘fuckboys’ as some girls would like to call them, they also seem VERY normal and even attractive. But, what they turn out to be -sometimes- of course, is not at all pretty.

Even psychologists agreed on the common traits of this type of serial killers, like Bundy.

Moving to another angle, the fact that Zac Efron is playing the character is actually incredibly justified. It makes so much sense. Why? Because simply, that’s who he is, that’s who Ted Bundy is, and that’s why so many women were extremely attracted to him. Whether it’s the looks or the charming personality.

But that still does NOT mean that romanticizing him is okay. It’s totally wrong and unacceptable!

With all of that being said, we’re not -by any means- saying that ALL fuckboys are serial killers. This is SO not the point. The thing is that so many guys who consider themselves players and whatnot, with many toxic traits that attract girls, could turn out to be the worst.