Since its launch in 2012, Tinder has become the online lonely hearts club for men and women everywhere. But the fact that it’s online means that the way you make a lasting impression there is vastly different from the way you do it in your day to day. Here are a few tips to liven up any Tinder profile and maximize your matches:

1- Do Not Use Group Photos

If someone has to look through the crowd to find you, they will likely swipe left. There are a few group photos one might happen to look good in, but a group photo should never be the first photo on your profile. You want to make it easy for you to be spotted amongst the crowd.

2- Show Your Travels

A picture speaks a thousand words, and what better way to do that than to tell a story with your Tinder profile pictures? Photos of your travels are the best way to show that you’re worldly and cultured; they may even be a great conversation starter! So pull out that old photo of you next to the Eiffel tower and brush up on those travel stories.

3- Order Your Photos Wisely

First impressions are just as important on Tinder as they are in real life. When you’re swiping on the deck, you don’t get to see the other photos on the person’s profile unless you click on it. If you want them to go through your gallery and profile, then your first photo has to be the best representation of you. Other photos in your gallery can be ordered chronologically with the most recent first, or they can be ordered by degree of importance.

4- Full Body Photos Are Your Friend 

There is such a thing as too many selfies. A couple of selfies here and there are good to show off your facial features, But selfies nowadays are pretty deceiving. With filters and the ability to edit your photos on Instagram, you can easily make your grainy selfie into an artsy portrait. This is why a full body photo is more telling, and shows that you’re willing to let go of the selfie stick.

5- Clothing is key

Your style can say a lot about you. What you wear is a representation of who you are. When it comes to your Tinder profile, you’ll want to display a photo of your best dressed self. But not all photos should be of you in chic dresses, since you’re not always dressed to the nines. Be sure to display a photo of yourself in casual attire. Sometimes, a little goes a long way.

6- Be Brief

Don’t skip writing something on your bio. Your bio is a chance for you to talk about who you are. However, you should beware of the 500-character limit. Tinder is mostly a visual app, so having a large body of text is probably not what anybody is looking for. A clever one liner, or a couple of sentences that talk about your hobbies are just enough for you to describe yourself without going overboard.

And finally, be yourself! Putting a little work on that profile is just a means for you to display your great personality and charm in the best way possible.