Besides all the universal problems of finding THE one .. Here in Egypt it seems even much more complicated than anywhere else!! Each and every problem is magnified to the power of one thousand due to cultural and religious constraints.

1-Financial Barrier

It’s a factor you have to seriously consider before getting involved with anyone because living costs in Egypt are relatively high. Getting your children a decent education needs a lot of money and I mean a fortune. Living in a decent house, appartment, or better yet  a compound is very pricy. Clothes too require a handsome budget . Everything is extremely costly, so unfortunately you cannot only consider love when choosing your life partner. Even if you approve, chances are your parents won’t. “gaw hanebny betna tooba fada we tooba men dahab da mesh hayenfa3”

financial barrier

2-Social/Cultural Barrier

You are not just marrying a man or a woman you’re marrying into a whole FAMILY with its history and “Name”!! It’s not enough that you are getting married to a decent man/woman, there are socio/cultural backgrounds to contemplate. “Da Ebn meen ? We esm 3eilto eh? We ahlo beyeshtaghalo eh?”


3-Lifestyle Barrier

This one is a bit superficial but it somehow affects the relationship on the long-term. Where do they like to go out? Do they drink? Do they party? Because if they do drink and party and their partners don’t,  it would be a huge problem. In Egypt, we tend to be extremists not allowing veiled girls in certain clubs, bars or pubs. If you go for the guy frequenting such venues with his friends, you will end up home alone. So, don’t get married to someone who doesn’t belong to your world!!


4-Educational/ Professional Barrier

“Kahreeg eh?” we “Madraset eh?” we “Gam3et eh?” …. “Doctor wala mohandes?” wala  ” AUC” YESSS IT DOES COUNT !!! “Momasela aw men el wasat el fany? enta eganent?”


5-Age Barrier

Luckily in Egypt it’s not a big deal if the age difference is in favor of the man but a HUGE one if it’s vice versa. It’s not easily digested by  parents esp. that usually  younger men beykoono lesa odamhom geish we lesa “mabanash nafso” in addition to the stereotypical misconception of “en shakl el bent bey3agez asra3” so forget about our dream couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore! after all he broke up with her and went for the younger Mila Kunis. However, we can’t deny that daddys get particularly annoyed from older guys marrying their little daughters.

Age barrier

6-The In-Laws Barrier

The Egyptian in-laws are like no other, trust me on that .. Even if 7amatek is an angel, don’t be fooled !! They magnify each and every problem and get involved in every little detail!!

In Laws

7- Religion Barrier

This is actually the biggest  barrier of them all because in Egypt religion is taken very seriously, sometimes in a narrow minded kind of way. Even if you found THE one,  he can turn out to be Muslim and you’re Christian or the other way round. And even if they’re willing to convert and they’re convinced of the other religion, they just can’t because they might get themselves killed or disowned by their family and friends. So, no it’s not hard enough to find your soul-mate but he also has to be from the same religion.

Religion barrier

I still believe that love can conquer all. Some people are born tough; they struggle and don’t give much weight to societal barriers. Be that person, have faith and stand strong against all odds!!

  • emanuel

    family is the biggest problem ever

  • Mahmoud Hussein

    Don’t generalize! the article title is so wrong!

  • Mohamed Mossad

    those are just lousy excuses for people who wanna skip

  • ahmed atef

    Simply because of our traditional sick mentalities , we always keep stuck to some routine stupid thoughts and unfortunately ruin many relationship but seriously it’s kinda so hard to find a suitable girl .

  • Maram Ayman

    Dunno wt to say! now in ur next article talk about “how girls make it hard for themselves to find or be with the guy they love, simply cz she cant compromise useless things such as an expensive wedding gown or a villa or a luxuriously furnished house”! Come on people what is wrong with “RENT”???

  • Ahmed Fouad

    Reading this article while listening to Celine Dion’s “That’s the way it is”. A mere coincidence.

  • Wael Ramadan

    this article is actually why so many divorces are happening in Egypt. It’s not right at all

  • idiots will always be idiots… I hope people will change

  • Mona

    Well, judging from what I’ve seen happen around me,I am sorry to say you are completely in the wrong. I know girls who have given it all up for men they wanted to be with only to get dumped/divorced. Decent, well educated girls with kick ass personalities and looks, pairing up with guys they think are as kick ass as they are but discovering that they were not worth the time afterall. Men who are man enough; that’s what is lacking, that is your barrier right there. What is written here is so generic.

    • Mohamed Talaat

      I totally agree

  • Sara Kira

    this article is hugely right from my own point of view, there are success stories breaking those barriers of course, but i personally have been through the age barrier thing coz i was a couple of years older, i was rejected by the opposite family, eventhough they were breaking all the barriers above mentioned, meaning: that they weren’t of the same level or their son was better educated than i am, but yet the age barrier was a “barrier”, of course ana 7amadt rabena afterwards, but yes these barriers exist and they elaborate themselves more if it’s gawaz salonat 🙂
    have a happy life people pls and make love count for heaven’s sake.
    thank you for your time.

  • Ahmed Genena

    Leh aslan El wa7ed yetgawez masreya?

    • heidi

      Hahhahaha xD introduce me to her brother if you ever find one lol
      sincerely, a green card sucker type of girl. (sooo goin to hell omg)

    • Mohamed Attia

      betefham walahi hahaha xD

  • Waleed Ragab

    There is a really odd think about the article here.
    If the articles are targeting non-Arabic speaking audience, then why do you guys use “franco-arabic”? they won’t understand it.
    And if it’s targeting Arabic speaking audience, then why not use Arabic at fist place.
    Just wondering!

  • habiba

    I don’t think when you take your religion seriously is a narrow minded way it is just proofs that religion and GOD are so important to live in peace with your self look at people who kill them self almost all of them are RICH !!!!
    though drinking is so danger for our sanity that is why we don’t drink

    • Mohamed Attia

      drink or no drink, and yes thats you, an educated person’s way of thinking. nonetheless religion still separates even IF you dont even care about your partner’s religion nor he does, ud still cant get married unless HE(if christian) has to change to yours.

  • Eman Farouk

    to be honest a lot of people seem to think that choosing the perfect partner is the only condition to achieve for a good successful marriage. Many unions formed in the name of love and faced many of the barriers mentioned above have failed dramatically. One must also note the high divorce rate in other countries that do not have our “barriers”.
    The Point is, whether the marriage is formed due to love or “salonat” it will not succeed unless the couple is willing to solve the problems that come up across the course of their marriage and find compromises. it is a hard work.
    Happily ever after cannot be achieved on the wedding night.

  • ضيف سبب رقم 8 “بتلاقي يافطة معلقاها اغلب البنات لا اكلم صبيان”