I don’t know about you, but these kind of situations when a girl hits on the person I’m with, make me fight the urge to laugh. And not a bit jealous… These situations are awkward of course, and uncomfortable. But at the end, when you are with someone who is attractive, and I don’t mean just physically, I mean someone who is a catch; someone with a charismatic personality, or a great mind, or a number of many other great things, he is going to get attention from other girls.

That’s the nature of it. This is outside the scope of your control, but how you handle the situation is something you can control.

Here is how you deal when someone is flirting with your guy:

Don’t Be Threatened But Take Pride in Your Partner

Again, it is perfectly normal for someone to get attracted to your partner. If each time that happens you started to feel threatened and jealousy began to eat you from inside out, you’re going to be exhausted. You’re not going to want to leave the house and go out. So why not shift this jealousy into pride in your partner? You are with someone who is interesting, you saw that, what’s wrong when the world recognizes it too?


You Can’t Control How Your Partner Reacts

Another thing out of the scope of your control, is how your partner reacts in such situations. One of the most attractive things in a relationship is real trust.You don’t have the right to dictate him what to say and how to deal with girls who get attracted to him. But what you can do is assert how you feel about it if the way he reacted bothered you. Always focus on your partner’s behavior, not the person coming at him. From then on, he knows what your standards are, what are your expectations of him, and it’s up to him what to do about that.

It’s An Opportunity to See What Standards Your Partner Has for Loyalty

Be careful, I am not implying that you test your partner; such tricks and traps are small and insecure. Instead, use the situation to observe how your partner will act.

If he doesn’t have a standard to loyalty, I would argue if this is the right person you need to be worry about losing.

The person you should be worried about losing is the person who is loyal, the person who would never hurt you that way.

If he is going to be disloyal in this moment, this is a good opportunity for you to see it.

Go To His Rescue Not To Shoot Fire

You may ask, if a girl is proactively hitting on my partner, should I interfere and make it clear that he is with me? Let’s look at it this way. If you want to interfere, do that to rescue your partner, not as the police who caught someone red-handed.

Going for the rescue means: I can sense that my partner is feeling awkward, he would like to remove himself form the situation but he is being polite.

But don’t go to show that you’re with him, that’s insecure, and also this his job. He is perfectly capable of saying that he is with someone.