It’s the little things that we know about each other that bring us closer. Are you trying to get closer to a friend or potential partner but don’t know how to do it? Knowing these things about the person will help you get closer and find out if you’re compatible. It’s true that our differences sometimes compliment each other and make the friendship/relationship work, but there needs to be some common ground on which you stand in order for things to work out.

Take the time to find out about them the things below; they will either bring you closer or show you that you may not be on the same page at all.

Putting The Puzzle Together


Their values and outlook on life

 It’s perfectly fine to think and believe different things; in fact, no two people completely agree on everything. However, you need to be able to see eye to eye on at least something. If you don’t agree on anything at all, what kind of relationship would that be? Take the time to ask them what they think about different issues and see whether your mentalities –even if they’re different- can peacefully coexist or not. Same goes for values, you need to be aware of theirs and yours- ask yourself: if you don’t stand for the same principles, can you still stand together? If you have compatible values and opinions, you’ll probably be even more eager to get to know them and be closer to them.


Their sense of humor

You’re probably asking yourself why this is on this list. I have two reasons for you:

  • Knowing how a person jokes will allow you to understand their sense of humor and possibly use that to increase the jokes between you two. People who share lots of laughter tend to become closer faster than those who don’t. Plus, who doesn’t like laughing, anyway? So you might want to try that the next time you want to bond with someone.
  • Sometimes people have a different or unusual sense of humor, like the overly-sarcastic types or dark-humored ones. You may not realize it at first, but most of the time they really are joking. You need to know that and see if you’re okay with it. If you’re the kind that’s sensitive to mean jokes and can’t take a lot of them, you may not want to date somebody whose sense of humor revolves around making mean comments. If you have a similar sense of humor, however, you will probably have a great time together.


Their spiritual beliefs

 Regardless of what they are, you need to be okay with their spiritual beliefs. It’s up to you to decide whether or not they should be the same. What’s important is that you’d be aware of what they do or do not believe in, respect it and accept it.


Their loved ones

 A person’s friends and family say a lot about them. This one is important for two reasons:

  • You should get to know their loved ones because they’re a big part of their life and you should want to know about everyone they care about. Expressing interest in knowing about and meeting their closest friends and family will show them you truly care about them and the things that matter to them.
  • A person’s group of friends will give you insight into their character and lifestyle. Seeing them in with their family will give you a better sense of what they’re like and the lifestyle they lead. If you feel comfortable in their world, that’s a very good sign you’re probably going to feel comfortable with them, too.


Their taste in outings and day-to-day activities  

 Are they active? Do they like to be out and about all the time? Are they the stay-at-home-watching-a-movie-while-stuffing-your-face-with-food kind of person? This one’s important because if they’re the party animal that wants to be out all the time and you’re the opposite, you probably won’t find much common ground to go with. It’s okay if you’re a little different or like to spend your time differently, but if you’re not on the same page at all in this department, you’ll probably have a hard time finding something that pleases you both. Balance is key here.


Things that bother them/make them tick

 One of the most important things to know about a loved one are the things that upset them or frustrate them. They could seem normal to you, but not to them; and this could cause you to hurt them without meaning to. Finding out the things that make them tick will save you from unnecessary conflicts or drama. This one’s also important because if the thing that bothers them happens to be something you can’t stop doing, saying or thinking, and both of you won’t compromise, it’ll probably end up affecting the relationship- possibly ending it.


The way they express their feelings

 When dealing with someone, it’s important for you to be aware of the way they show their emotions. We don’t all express ourselves in the same way, so it’s important for you to know how they do that. This will prevent you from missing any cues or hints they try to give. If you know how they react to different emotions they’re having, you’d be able to understand them and communicate better. This usually comes from paying attention to a person’s behavior or simply asking them straightforwardly. Understanding that aspect about them will bring you one step closer to knowing who they really are.


Their passion

 This one is important to know simply because a person’s passion is a big part of who they are or what they’re going to want to do in life. As a good friend or partner, you should know what their passion is, so you’d be able to support and encourage them to do it, express it or work on it. This is useful if you want to get to know them better and draw closer to them.


There you have it; a list of things you need to know about a person in order to become more acquainted to their personality and character. Once that is done, you’d be able to judge whether or not you’d be a compatible couple.