Azbakeya Book Fair

It’s this time of year again, folks, and we’re all getting excited to head out and check the book fair. Hold on, actually, it’s more accurate to say book fairs now because Azbakeya is holding its annual book fair too.

Before you share your apprehensions about the Azbakeya Book Fair, though, and how it can’t possibly hold a candle to the Cairo International Book Fair, let’s just tell you that Azbakeya is an unexpected experience you shouldn’t be judging until you try it.

No, we’re not exaggerating, actually. In fact, we’ll even tell you why we think Azbakeya’s Book Fair is quite unmissable.

Location, location, location.

In the olden days, more specifically since 1907, Sor El-Azbakeya was the go-to place for students and the literary crowds. It was where they gathered, shopped until they dropped for books covering every topic, and that kind of history is a history you can still feel when you visit.

Other than its history, Azbakeya’s simple yet elegant architecture actually compels you to read and enjoy yourself while you’re there, walking where so many others did.

The long commute becomes miles shorter!

One reason we feel everyone is going to enjoy this fair more than the Cairo International Book Fair is that after the latter moved to New Cairo, well, attending became a chore.

People love places that are easy to get to, as we all know, and no location is easier to find than Azbakeya. All you have to do is take the subway and get off at the Attaba station and there you are. You don’t have to go through any trouble with parking, if you don’t choose it!

Book variety is honestly unrivaled

Naturally, book fair success is measured by the variety of the books present and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that Azbakeya has a huge one.

fun fact: one attendee found The Killing Joke comic in perfect condition for a reasonable price.

From classic novels to books of poetry to certified research centers’ studies to books in foreign languages to comic books and manga, Azbakeya has it all and all you need to do is just peruse.

This fair has the range, too!

Okay, so Azbakeya has the place and the books and the history but that doesn’t mean it can have it all, right? At this point, you might be thinking the catch is coming soon, but honestly, as far as our experience and others’ have gone, there isn’t any. Even when it comes to the price range.

Books at Azbakeya start selling at three pounds and go no higher than two-hundred, meaning that you get to buy a whole lot of books with the budget you have!

Also, Azbakeya’s quite easy to navigate

We all know that the frenzy of book fairs can take a toll on us. With all the excitement and books around, it’s safe to say most of us don’t manage to get everywhere we want within the time frame the fair sets.

Azbakeya, possessing a neat structure and easy to see-through displays, is quite easy to navigate, so much so you can even navigate it twice in one go so you can make sure you won’t miss out on anything.

The Azbakeya Book Fair is on until February 15th. Don’t miss it!