Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak, the world has been a little gloomy. Don’t you all agree? But amid the crisis, we couldn’t help but notice all the individual efforts carried out by Egyptians, ordinary people, to make this world a better place.

Our social media timelines were filled with stories of people offering to help senior citizens with their grocery shopping, teachers giving students online sessions free of charge and people opening up their homes to the homeless. We mean, we’ve all seen it, right?

It’s yet another week of quarantining and we still see individuals trying to spread happiness whenever they get the chance. Because it’s at tough times like these that everyone of us needs a friend to lead us out of the woods. A friend who can lighten up the gloom a little bit and help us power through.

Now, since “social distancing” is our weapon of choice now and while your actual friends are pretty much stuck at home like yourself, Cadbury Dairy Milk found a way to sneak in a little glimpse of light into our lives.

Cadbury Dairy Milk wants to remind us all of the fact that each and every one of us has goodness within. And such goodness, deserves to be met with nothing but pure goodness, too. And on that account, continuing on their “Goodness Campaign”, an initiative that was launched last year meant for you and only you.

Folks at Cadbury Dairy Milk have taken it upon themselves to help pay back to society in its time of need, doing what they do best. And what do they do best? Chocolate, of course.

They have been keeping an eye out for anyone who offered even the slightest amount of help to a stranger and has released a video to reveal those heroes who have brought goodness to people, to help spread the word and to encourage everyone else to do the same.

This one lucky person is sought by the company and is sent a mesmerizing “Thank You” box filled with all the Cadbury Dairy Milk goodness along with other items that will help them carry on with their mission.

For instance, the teacher who was giving online classes was gifted with camera gear, the biker in Alexandria was given useful accessories for his bike and the teenagers were given more stock to continue handing out masks in the streets.

As a small reminder that what they did earlier is seen, heard and appreciated – and that Cadbury Dairy Milk is encouraging them to carry on with their good deeds.

So, help Cadbury Dairy Milk in their quest to find more and more of those good-deeds and take part in spreading all the goodness. Maybe one day you’ll be the one receiving the big box of chocolates, who knows?