It’s become apparent that we suck at beauty pageants, to the extent of waiting every year to see the mess that is called Miss Egypt.

For transparency’s sake, I’m not the biggest fan of beauty pageants. No matter how sophisticated you might want to make it sound like, I think it’s still superficial. That said, it’s entertainment, and as a person who shamelessly sometimes enjoys Keeping up with the Kardashians, superficial entertainment could be fun.

But with Miss Egypt, the situation is just…sad.

Let’s start by stating the obvious, the girls don’t look their best.

Harsh, but that’s the reality of it.

Judging by our first look at the contestants’ official “photoshoot” where they, supposedly, have a professional photographer, makeup artists (three, surprisingly, in this year’s event), hairdressers, stylist and designers to make them look like beauty queens, the outcome was disappointing.

The glam squad that was hired by the organizers of Miss Egypt seem to have all united to make the girls have unblended makeup…

Dirty looking hair with strays all over…

Photograph them in the most unflattering light settings and angels…

Ill- fitted clothing (which, by the way, has their top idea shamelessly pinched from designer Sara Beshier)

And for some reason, the editor decided to photoshop the zipper out of most of the pants, giving the girls some pregnant lady-esque look…

Unfortunately, the girls have been the victims of the squad’s incompetence. And year, after year, they get bullied, because, at the end of the day, they’re the ones who look bad. Literally.

The reality of it is, while the girls do, in fact, look horrid in the promotional pictures, they do look really good in “real life”.

Looking at some recent picture the Miss Egypt shared on their Facebook page, the girls are shown doing some charity work  WITHOUT having the glam squad dress them, and they look perfectly alright.

Other than ruining the way girls look, they ruined the whole competition and the whole idea of a beauty pageant.

Since we’re at the age of technology, the organizers said, “why not introduce technology to the pageant, and let people vote for their competing friend on Facebook, because that totally makes sense!”

Yes, the competition that is not just about outer beauty, but rather the overall beauty of women, inside out, gets decided by how many votes the girls receive on Facebook, based on the promo picture by the glam squad.

You’d think with all that, the organizers at least invest in training the girls for stage and prepare them for the competition?

Yes, you guessed that right – they absolutely DON’T!

One of the most important sections of any beauty pageant is the Q&As section.

Taking a look back at last year’s Q&As; none of the girls are prepared for it, they obviously did not receive any public speaking training, and the best part is they did not even bother to tell them which language to use and did not have a translator for Miss Universe, and we get to see a nice lady next to her translate the answers for her.

Realistically, I think we can all live without having Miss Egypt in our lives. But if we want to promote it for the sake of fitting in with the rest of the world, we’ll need better organizers that actually know what the hell they are doing.

It is sad to see the girls receive all the backlash, while the organizers do nothing to fix the situation. Over the past few years, it’s starting to look like they intentionally try to make the girls look bad to promote for the event.

Companies sponsoring the event, celebrities endorsing, media covering it, as well as girls agreeing to compete should be held as accountable as the organizers themselves.

And who will win? Probably someone who calls one of the organizers “godmother”, because they were literally raised by her. Just like last year.

Let’s wait and see.