In the throes of the current coronavirus pandemic, it’s important that we do whatever it takes to give back to our community and help out in times of dire need, so we can all grow and start new beginnings. Regardless of the extent to which we can contribute, what matters is that we do something in the first place.

After 35 years in Egypt, Clorox is among the entities that indeed do give back to their communities. This became even more evident through their commitment to be here for us during these difficult times.

It’s no shock that after the World Health Organization (WHO) classified COVID-19 as a global pandemic; people flocked to stock up on their Clorox products. Not only because WHO advised bleach as an effective disinfecting liquid for hard surfaces, but also because Clorox is the brand to rely on when the going gets tough.

Clorox, however, is not coming to us on its own. Recently, the Household Cleaning Products Company of Egypt (HCPC) declared that it will be cooperating with UNICEF to support Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population in its efforts to help contain the spread of COVID-19 in Egypt.

In this cooperation, HCPC will donate Clorox Liquid Bleach for the purpose of disinfecting public places and hospitals designated for fever and quarantine in Egypt.

Through UNICEF, HCPC will supply the Ministry of Health and Population with 6000 liters of Clorox Liquid Bleach on a weekly basis in order to sufficiently meet governmental needs, in line with WHO safety and hygienic measures.

Just because there’s a sudden spike in demand doesn’t mean HCPC or Clorox are taking the safety and health of the workforce lightly. On the contrary, they’re making sure workers abide by the highest hygiene and safety standards regarding the workplace.

To guarantee its workers’ safety, HCPC applied strict hygienic policies across its offices, factories and storage premises, all stemming from Clorox’s commitment to leaving a positive trail in communities where it’s found.

HCPC partnerships didn’t stop with the Ministry of Health (MOH) though. The company is also collaborating with the Ministry of Social Solidarity in its fight against coronavirus through donating Clorox bleach to sanitize some nursing homes for two whole months. For the purposes of total solidarity, these Clorox donations will be delivered through Aramex for free.

While all of these efforts seem supportive and beneficial, these donations aren’t Clorox end goal. Clorox believes that cleanliness is about more than getting rid of germs and viruses. Cleanliness is about celebrating what happens after because it will be a new beginning—exactly what we’re hoping for after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

When it really matters, trust Clorox.