Relationship games, to play or not to play?

When it comes to this question, people had split into two parties. One party is opposed to the idea, while the other party gives it a thumbs up. We all have our different mind set, so what we are going to do is present the two parties’ arguments for you, and it is up to you to decided whether you’re into games or you think they are just for children.

Those who are against games say that what distinguishes a mature relationship from an immature one is the fact that you can be yourself, because you know the other person will accept you as you are. You don’t have to pretend anything, you don’t have to act busy when you’re not in order to seem more desirable. You don’t have to calculate every single step and word and make sure they match your game.

They think all of that is exhausting, and instead of spending time and energy on these games and on reading between the lines, you should preserve them to learn how to love the other person, how to accept their flaws and embrace their insecurities.

Games will only make the law of attraction work against you. The law of attraction is all about putting out there what you want to receive back, right? But when what you’re putting out is games and manipulation, guess what you’re going to get back? Oui, what you send, you receive back my friend.

Those who are in favor of games say that games are a fun way to keep the romance alive. Not knowing is thrilling for them, because curiosity drives up the levels of dopamine in our brains, a chemical that fuels the mad-love feeling, so what is wrong with that?

The idea is not about tricking the other person; it is about exciting them. Leaving a little to the imagination, creating anticipation, challenging and intriguing each other. It is a win-win game, it only aims to create some fun.

You’re not pretending to be something you’re not. You’re a game lover, and you don’t want to know what’s coming next because life is more enjoyable when it’s an adventure. You want to be on your toes, and know you can do the same to your significant other.

Games spice up relationships and prevent them from falling into monotonous patterns like most things in our lives, don’t you want your relationship to be electrifying?

There you have it, folks, you heard both side. Now let us know which side you’re on, or maybe you tend to stay in the gray zone.