Alright, Y’all, it’s Easter vacation time, so look alive! 

Since summer break seems to be a hundred years away, this Easter vacation\spring break is coming just in time.

If you are, like literally all of us sad employees, await vacations from one year to the next, then you probably don’t need me to tell you that there’s quite a long vacation coming up around Easter.

Specifically, from April 25th to to May 4th. Of course, there are some bridge days in there, and let’s just cut to the chase right now. You are bridging, there’s no doubt about it, so you might as well start planning.

Because believe me, EVERYONE is! 

1. Dahab

Let’s be clear, Dahab is ALWAYS a good idea. But in the spring, it is an extremely good idea!

The weather is perfect, the water is breathtaking, as always, the atmosphere is as relaxing as it can get, and cellphone signals are not that good so you can kiss “emergency work tasks” goodbye!


Need I say more? 

2. Siwa

If you, like me, struggle with consistent anxiety attacks because of Cairo’s chronic crowdedness, then take it from me, your cure is in Siwa.

Let’s just picture it together; sitting around a camp fire and staring at the clear blue sky lined with diamond-like bright stars just like the picture you have on your work computer background, only better. Because, you know… it is real!


Relaxed yet? I am!

3. Sharm El-Sheikh

When in doubt, go to Sharm, obviously! It is a classic that never gets old. Of course, it could be a bit pricey, but it is a guaranteed detox.

Sharm El-Sheikh resorts have always been and continue to be, to this day, the best in Egypt. So getting pampered and taking advantage of all the means of pure joy available there might be just what you need to have a seriously happy Easter before you go back to hell, I mean work.


I mean, come ON!

4. Baharya Oasis “The White Desert”

If you feel like adventuring, this is the place for you. The White Desert in Egypt’s Western Desert is simply a piece of art coming to life!

Camping in its ridiculously white and vast land will make all your day-to-day burdens melt away on the spot! And the complete solitude you feel while stargazing there is guaranteed to disconnect you from all your troubles.

Bonus point: you can have a kick-ass adventure skiing on the sand there, and it’s easy on the pockets! 

5. Sinai

It is Sinai, baby! Or was it Vegas? Anyway, it’s Sinai baby!

If you are a real adventure buff, and don’t like to spend your vacation in one place, then a full-on Sinai adventure will make for your perfect Easter!

Whether snorkeling in Ras Mohamed, Camping out at Ras Shetan, going on a Safari in Al Fairouz Land, or climbing up mount Saint Catherine and mount Mousa; a couple of days of blowing off steam in Sinai will get you so energized through Easter, you might actually go back to work happy.


Just kidding, it is a vacation, not a miracle! 

6. Ain El Sokhna

If you, are one of the martyrs who are not bridging this Easter, or you just don’t feel like spending over 5 hours on the road, then you can spend this Easter in Ain El Sokhna.

It still got that Red Sea perfect spring weather, and we all know how cool it is now, you can practically find everything you need in there. From topnotch food and restaurants to shopping malls. Also, snorkeling and water sports are ridiculously awesome!


So you’ll pretty much have the perfect Easter vacation, all while being 90 minutes away from home! 

These are just some of the places we are thinking of escaping to this Easter.

If you have better suggestions, help us out and tell us all about your Easter plans in the comments!

Happy Easter, Y’all!