Nothing could make you feel like time has passed more than listening to a song that has been carved in your memory and that you know every single lyric to, only to realize that decades have passed since the song came out. It’s one of the best things in the world, and it gives us a great feeling when we listen to old songs and get to reminisce about the good old days.

Which is why we brought you a list of 2007’s dearest songs to our hearts. Bring out your tissues or your old photographs and enjoy the ride.


1. Bahebak Kol Youm Aktar, Mohamed Hamaki

Admit it, this song received all the hype in the world when it first came out. We’d hear it on the streets, in the club and most importantly weddings.

2. Shakhbat Shakhabit, Nancy Ajram

Remember when you were 15 and refused to admit that you listen to kid songs and even worse sing to them? No, I don’t listen to Shakhbat Shakhabit. I’m a grown man-child!

3. El Leila Di, Amr Diab

Some call it El-Leila Di, we call it Sway. But don’t worry Amr, we didn’t notice and we still love you.

4. Ya Bent El-Eih, Tamer Hosny

Because there’s no better way to tell someone that you love them except by bringing their parents in to the picture.

5.  Sodfa, Yara

Yara always breaking our hearts as usual.

6. Sa’alt Nafsy Kteer, Ahmed Saad

For the people who liked to channel their inner “3omk”, a question of character ladies and gentlemen.

7. Baiesh, Tamer Hosny

To those who confided in this song when their hearts got broken, well, or the song we made up from it “Baiesh Ta2reeban Zai Mat2olo Bakol Zeballa”, rejoice! You’ve grown. It’s been 10 years; no one is holding it against you!!

8. N2ool Eih, Amr Diab

Taking you back to when Amr Diab was actually young for real, and the good news is this time the song is not stolen, at least not from a song that we know of.

9. Awakher El Sheta, Elissa 

To all the cold nights we wanted someone by our side.

10. Ana Msh Bta3et El-Kalam Da, Sherine

We once stood tall too Sherine, but love came and turned us into the hopeless romantics we are now!