Relationships are the most fun and easygoing at the beginning. However, when we finally find “the One”, we all want to take the relationship to the next level. This doesn’t come easily though. Taking things to the next level usually leads to including our beloved parents. As sweet and lovely as this could be, this process could also be completely terrifying and nerve-wracking.

As much as our parents love us, they tend to be overprotective and judgemental when it comes to the person we choose to be with.

This is why we’ve put together some helpful tips that will make your parents approve of your choice and love him as much as you do. Well, maybe not as much as you but they’ll love him anyway.

1. Divide and Conquer


Okay, maybe you are blessed with two loving sweet parents, but the rule is there’s always one softer than the other. Pick the one you are more friends with and work your way up. When one parent is on board, you will have a better chance of wooing the other parent.

2. Pick Your Moment


You can’t just blurt out something like that at any time. You have to be smart about it. Pick a time when they are in a good mood and bounce! Also, make sure to have been acting like the perfect daughter so when you tell them you found the love of your life; they trust your choice and get on board quickly.

3. The Moment of Truth


The introduction. And no, I don’t mean when they actually meet. Believe it or not, the introduction between them starts with you. You have to draw the picture you know they’ll like. Lay the groundwork for your significant other so when he finally meets them, they will already be in love with him. But don’t lay it too thick though, or you might lose all credibility.

4. The Preparations


Your parents are not the only side you should be preparing for this cold war. Don’t forget the man of the hour, your soon-to-be very serious boyfriend and maybe more. You need to prepare him for this crucial confrontation. Let him in on the likes and dislikes of your parents. What makes them laugh, what they are interested in, etc. This way he will be able to impress them at first sight.

5. The Scarier Moment of Truth


The actual meeting. The moment they lay eyes on the person that stole their little girl’s heart. It will be awkward, it will be intense, and it will be excruciating. But don’t feel bad, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. It doesn’t matter if you are bringing home Prince Harry himself, to your parents, no one will ever be good enough for you. Just sit through it with a smile and try not to talk too much. They are here to observe and “examine” him. Let them, and they will eventually come around after seeing how much he loves you.

6. The Encore


After the interview goes in peace. Okay, after it goes, it is your turn again to take this home. Sing his prayers with your parents every chance you get. But be subtle, don’t overdo it. You want them to like him, not hate you!

7. The Living Happily Ever After Part


Your parents only care about one thing; your happiness. Work on yourself and your relationship, and if you’re happy, they will know for themselves that you chose the right person. If you’re happy, your parents will be happy too. End of text.

Now that you’ve got your cheat sheet ready, take a deep breath and take the leap. We are praying for all of you young lovers out there.