With the country easing up on summer restrictions, you must be already chilling at Sahel or at least you’re planning on it right now. Well, if the notion of sunny beach days for the next 3 or 4 months isn’t exciting enough for you; this piece of fresh news will surely get you going!

IKEA; our favorite furniture brand of all time, is now open for the second year at the North Coast until August. If you’re a Sahel resident or heading there anytime soon, you’re definitely in for one comfortable hassle-free summer.

The pop-up store comes with many advantages, that’s for sure and certain. For starters, it’s located at Livio’s Mall near Marassi (128KM North Coast Road). So, it’s easily accessible and reachable from el Alamein and Sidi Abdelrahman areas.

The next best thing is the new “Order and Collect service” exclusively for Sahel residents. You read it right! you can pretty much go to IKEA North Coast page through their website, send screenshots for your desired products via their WhatsApp (+20) 102 500 5237 and collect them within the same day from their Sahel store with absolutely no hassle and completely free of charge. You don’t want to miss that, do you?

 “At IKEA, we are committed to creating a better everyday life for the many people and to be “People & Planet Positive”.

Another thing we really like about the pop-up store is the mockup tree at the front. People at IKEA take sustainability very seriously and that’s a great way to promote it. It’s no surprise that IKEA is our top favorite!

We believe that climate change is one of the biggest challenges that humanity faces, and as of today, Carbon emissions dropped 17% globally. This fact has inspired us to build this iconic tree with 100% sustainable IKEA products to support “Nature Healing” during this time and to use it as a strong reminder for all our customers that enjoying nature is fun, but keeping it healthy and sustainable is a way of living”

No need to think twice, have a laid-back, nature-friendly SUMMER VACAY with Ikea, everyone!

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