Significance of love

Why is it That People Ruin the True Meaning and Significance of Love?

In our generation, it is becoming really annoying how people ruin the significance of love. We can’t really differentiate between someone who truly loves us, cares for us and wants to be with us for all the right reasons and between someone who is just casually flirting.

Why is it that the words ‘I love you’ are just like any other word?

The “I love you’s” and the “I miss you’s” are now being used relentlessly as if they mean nothing. And when you really want to express your sincere feelings, you can’t find alternatives because all words seem abused. And once you finally receive those 3 words/8 letters from the person you love, it hits you hard enough that you understand that they probably mean it in a more casual ‘friendly’ way. Because that is how friends act nowadays.

But Why?

Why do we waste all those words, special gestures, places and outings on people who don’t deserve half of it? Why do we make those special gestures when we don’t really LOVE the person in the first place?

Wasting those special ‘firsts’ on random people is what we will regret most in life. Because one year from now, if you really fall deeply and madly in love with someone, you won’t find any proper words to explain your feelings, because all the right ones were used in all the wrong ways. 

Doesn’t It Hurt?

Doesn’t it hurt you when you are super in love with this person and they are so cute to you but only as ‘best buddies’? Don’t you feel super irritated when you receive mixed signals like them saying I love you and you are the best thing that ever happened to them and later on they ignore you for days?

We Should Stop Abusing Love Because…

#1: It will lose its meaning/value over time.

#2: You’ll never know when the person truly means it.

#3: You might hurt people without meaning to.

What Should We Do?

Let’s all say no to casual flirting and appreciate the true meaning of the words ‘love’, ‘miss’, ‘like’, ‘care’ and so much more. Let’s only use these words in the rightest ways possible with the people who deserve it.